The Experimental Film, Dance and Music Festival now runs EVERY SINGLE MONTH - Due to the popularity of the genre, films and festival screening. So submit your work and get it showcased at the FEEDBACK Festival.

Festival occurs in two cities: At the Carlton Cinemas in downtown Toronto, Canada, and at the LA LIVE Regal Cinemas in downtown Los Angeles, USA.

The goal of this festival is to showcase the best of new experimental short films and independent music videos from around the world. Films that don’t get a fair shake from other film festivals because programmers don’t know where to “categorize” these films. There isn’t a typical linear story occurring so most festivals can’t truly understand the talent and beauty around these films.

We want to showcase films that showcase true originality and talent from filmmakers from every corner of the globe. And also showcase new musicians who have made a music video and want it to be shown.

This festival is part of the FEEDBACK Film Festival, so after the film is shown, we turn on the lights and ask the audience what they think of the films. With this format we promise a SOLD OUT crowd and a positive conversation. Our audience is sophisticated and won’t divulge into negative and judgmental talk.

Get your short film or music video showcased at the FEEDBACK FIlm Festival and garner and audience feedback video:

Get examples of what you';ll receive:

We will try to program all submitted works.

Experimental festivals occur 12 times a year in Toronto & Los Angeles. Go to the website for information on the next events.

Overall Rating
  • Lisa Le Lievre

    This festival is unlike any other that I have been a part of. I was unable to attend but the follow up has been incredible. The audience feedback video is a wonderful window into the views of the audience and the filmmaker interview is a great opportunity to talk about the details behind making the film. Thank you for all you do for dance film!

    May 2019
  • An amazing festival! A great selection of films. And the filmmakers are provided with feedback videos from the audience. Great...!!!

    April 2019
  • What an extraordinary experience to be able to hear the audience feedback, to see their reactions and faces. A filmmaker rarely gets to glimpse over the 4th wall during a performance. Receiving this inside look from the Experimental Dance and Music Festival is a rare and wonderful occasion.

    March 2019
  • What a wonderful surprise it was to open my email and see the audience commenting on our film. To go that far for the filmmakers it truly shows a high level of professionalism and care. BRAVO! I am happy to have been part of the festival.

    March 2019
  • Wow! It's absolutely incredible to receive a video of the audience commenting on our movie! We as artists are so much looking for these feedbacks and here, you have them! I think all festivals must have this wonderful thing! Thannk you so much guys! And thanks for the prize of Best Performance for our short film FRANCISZKA :) Superb experience!

    March 2019