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Everything's Not Jake

It's 1961 and the all-American Kensington Family seems to have it all. Grandfather, Jake Kensington, is a retired Five Star General and former President of the United States, considered by most to have been responsible for bringing World War II to a close. His son, James Kensington II, a Senator sitting on the U.S. Foreign Relations Committee, is up for re-election and has a path to the White House all mapped out for his son, Trevor Jacob "Trip" Kensington. Yet guilt and angst over the tragic loss of another son, James Kensington III, brews just below the surface of family interactions.

Trip and his grandfather have always shared a love of dancing, especially Latin Dance. When Jake arranges for Trip to see the visiting Cuban National Ballet, his grandson falls hard for their principal ballerina. She is beautiful, talented and a rising star in her native Cuba. Trip falls head over heels watching her dance.

A heated argument ensues over Trip's association with
communists and next thing we know, Trip has taken off for Cuba. James, terrified of being labeled a "commie sympathizer," begs Jake to head down to Havana and bring Trip home.

Jake is convinced he's too old for such a mission until his old war cronies reassemble–anxious for another taste of action–and convince him they've still got what it takes.

The motley crew arrives in Cuba, ignorant of the imminent U.S.–backed secret invasion.

The old guys, aided by Jake's secret service escorts and the hotel concierge who joins their ranks, plot their way through to a daring rescue and escape. Along the way, the Kensington men become clear about what it takes to be a father and a son–and learn that sometimes family comes first.

  • Ellen Pill
  • Stan Loveman
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    United States
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Writer - Ellen Pill, Stan Loveman