Eve on Trial

Logline: Eve must prove to the Jury of not so angelic Angels that without her breaking Eden’s rules the world would be very unhappy ever after. What will happen to humanity if she fails?

Imagine a wood-panelled courtroom, wigs, robes – steeped in tradition. Jurors come in, they are a mix of all modern classes. The usual.
And suddenly the camera reveals that all Jurors have - angel wings. We are in the High Celestial Court.
The defendant in the dock is Eve.
The prosecution presents a petition from humans currently living on Earth. They plead to cancel Eve.
Because they can no longer tolerate the misery Eve plunged them into when she bit into The Apple.
Only, it didn’t cross their minds that if Eve is cancelled, being her descendants all humanity will disappear automatically. This is how the law of cause and effect works.
The twelve angels of the Jury turn out to be not so angelic... They are quirky and mismatched, they team up and clash with each other and with Eve.
Going through the trial, reliving all the tears and laughter of human history Eve realizes that her worst mistake was not biting the apple. After Cain killed Abel she lost confidence and gave the reins to Adam. She sees now that Adam’s mask of toxic masculinity was a camouflage to hide his uncertainty. As much as her own mask of nonchalance was hiding her guilt complex. Together with Adam, they fight to prove that a right to live and to love was a much-needed addition to the divine design of the world. Through this Eve regains trust in Adam, herself, and humanity.
In the end, God himself appears in the courtroom. He thanks Eve and Adam for his grandchildren: they did so well that even he learned a lot from them. Most importantly he learned so much about love, so... But the Judge cuts him off: “It’s not your place to decide here, your Godness, please take a seat and let the Jury vote!”
What was the Jury’s verdict? No, I am not spoiling it for you. There’s a twist in the end. Ask for the script, please, will you?

  • Alla Turovskaya
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Writer - Alla Turovskaya