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Evening, Master Parsley

Union Major General Raymond Parsley has been captured by Confederate Colonel Smithfield Caldwell in an attempt to reignite the southern states and push back against the north. In this PG-13 buddy comedy/historical drama, (think Pirates of the Caribbean meets Wild Wild West) Wess Parsley teams up with Nathan Edgehill, a confederate deserter, and his wife Daria, a former slave, to infiltrate Colonel Caldwell's fortress and smother the Confederate rebellion once and for all. Back home, Wess' mother, Madeline, leads a campaign to defend her husband's seat in the senate. The challenger, Aston Willow, seeks to pull the union troops out of the south, thus condemning Raymond to death. If Madeline looses this election, she looses her husband. She knows she'll never win the vote, she only hopes to buy Wess enough time to prove Raymond is still alive. Severely outnumbered, Wess, Nathan and Daria partner with The Lowery Gang, a group of Native American vigilantes led by Henry Lowery and his wife, Rhonda. Together, they lead a rag tag army to rescue Raymond, and capture Colonel Caldwell.

  • Mike Colucci
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    United States
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Writer - Mike Colucci