Eva Lanska is a producer, director, and a screenwriter. She is an author of 5 published novels. She was born in Russia, graduated from the Faculty of Journalism in Moscow, and moved to France in 2000 where she lived and studied for five years. The atmosphere of Paris, French cinematography, literature, and art influenced her while she was a student and made it the foundation of all her work.
Currently, she lives and works in the UK. She is engaged in producing feature and documentary films. After graduating from the London Film Academy in 2017-18 where she studied Cinematography, Eva filmed her first feature movie "Ok, Mom”.
She is actively involved in various charitable movements dedicated to the social protection of children.
The Film "Ok, Mom” was noticed
International Independent Film Awards. Winner 2018.
Pittsburgh Independent Film Festival. Winner 2018.
World of Women Film Fair Middle East. Finalist 2018.
Los Angeles Film Awards. Best Picture 2018.
Hollywood just Shorts Film Fest. Winner 2018 Best Drama.
Lift-Off Film Festival, First-Time Filmmakers 2017.
Selected by Russian Pavilion at Cannes film festival 2017.
Cannes Film Festival official selection Short Film Corner 2017.
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Bristol Independent Film Festival 2018.
Official Selection - The 13th Annual Central Florida Film Festival 2018.
OFFICIAL SELECTION - Hollywood South Film Festival 2018.
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