We will provide travels, accommodation and meals for the directors of the 8 shortfilms selected for the competitive weekend (11 to 13 of september - 2015).

There will be money prizes for the three best films:
1st Place – 600 euros
2nd Place – 300 euros
3rd Place – 150 euros

- All citizens living in countries of the European Union, aged between 16 and 30 years old, included, may apply to EUROPEAN SHORT FILMS – AMARANTE.

- Deadline: 15th June 2015.

- The short film file can be sent until the end of the 15th of June 2015, either using
drive.google.com or we transfer to the festival’s email address:
european.shortfilms.amarante@gmail.com, together with a digital photo of the
short film.

- As an alternative, the short film DVD can be sent to the following address:
Casa da Juventude de Amarante, Avenida General Silveira, 193, Apartado 141, 4600- 017 Amarante, Portugal.

- Each director can apply with two short films maximum.

- Short films should last no longer than 30 minutes and must include English subtitles.

- Only short films concluded after January 2010 are eligible for participation.