Euregion Film Festival offers you a multiday festival experience with the best films from all over the world, an award show, workshops, seminars and more.

Every year, a multiday festival program will be presented. This program contains selections of films from all over the world, workshops, seminars, meeting corners, an award show and more. If your film is selected, you are automatically in the running for several prizes during the festival (up to €3500 cash).

Euregion Film Festival aims to connect professionals, filmmakers and the public in an international context in the unique Crossborder region of the Netherlands: the province of Limburg, surrounded by Belgium and Germany and close to Luxembourg and France.

From 2017 on we also have an online competition. Please note that your film only will be considered for this online festival if it is submitted via the category 'online competition'. In all the other cases, your submission will only be considered for our live festival. Do you wish to be considered for as well as the live festival as for the online festival, you have to submit your film in both categories separately. We will never publish your work online, unless it is submitted in the 'online competition' category.

NEW FROM 2018: PITCH CONTEST, win up to €2.500 in cash
Win up to €2.500 for your next filmidea. Send us: tagline, logline, synopsis, script and a motivation (submit via category 'Pitch contest'). If your project is selected, you are invited to pitch it to our professional jury during the festival. They will choose the projects who will get funding. In 2018 the jury consisted of producer Harro van Staverden, filmmaker Ben Verbong and documentary producer Paul Pauwels. The winners were: For Richer for Poorer (€2.500), Genekt (€750) and Khannea 2118 (€500).

Films in all selections (except online competition):
- EFF Award for Best Film
- Audience Award for Best Film
- Special Jury Prize (optional)
- Youth Jury Award

Extra Award for films in the Euregion Shorts competition:
- EFF Award for Best Euregional Short Film

Only for films in the online competition:
- ESFF Online Award for Best Film (Audience Choice)

Pitching contest:
- up to €2.500 in cash for your next production (everyone can submit to pitch, also filmmakers who don't have a film in selection of the festival)

We will never publish your work online, unless it is submitted in the 'online competition' category.

1. Films must be completed after 1 January, 2015.
2. The maximum running time for shorts is 25 minutes (including credits), for features minimum length is 25 minutes.
3. Films in every genre can be submitted (e.d. fiction, documentary, animation, experimental and more).
4. For Euregion Shorts competition only: the origin of the film must be (geographical) Euregion Meuse-Rhine* or the director, writer or producer is from the Euregion Meuse-Rhine. If your film matches this criterium, please send in in this category. Films and filmmakers from other regions/countries please pick the category that fits the best.
5. Titles produced in languages other than English must have legible English subtitles or dubbed in English. Preferably, also English spoken films contain English subtitles. When selected for the festival it is obliged to have English subtitles available.
6. Submissions only via, with online screeners.
7. For the viewings at the festival digital files are allowed. We will contact you about this when your film is selected.
8. By submitting your film, you automatically accept the regulations of the festival.
9. E-mails with questions regarding waiving the submission fee will not be answered. We respect your work, please also respect ours.
10. Your film will never be shown online, unless you explicitly submit for our online competition. In all other cases your submission will only be considered for our live festival.
11. For full regulations and requirements please visit

* The Meuse–Rhine Euregion contains: Limburg (Netherlands), Limburg (Belgium), Province of Liège (Belgium), Deutsch Sprachige Gemeinschaft (Belgium), Region Aachen, Cologne and Düsseldorf (Germany).

Overall Rating
  • Gideon Eeden

    This is a highly professional team who places the filmmaker right at the centre of everything they do. Excellent selection, communication and loads of great content to advance and inform the filmmaker. The atmosphere at the festival was very positive. We were privileged to win the "Youth Jury" award - the very existence of which speaks volumes of the ethos this festival has when it comes to development of new talent. Excellent service and great promotion - I highly recommend!

    April 2018
  • zarko sebik

    Great experience. All praise from our side for the organization of the festival. Our film took part in online competition.

    April 2018