Ethnografilm is a Director's festival, held each April at the Ciné 13 Théâtre, the greatest fringe theatre on the planet, at the highest point of Paris. At the 2017 festival 90% of the directors were there to discuss films, meet colleagues, drink wine, and initiate new collaborations! Our bar and gallery are the perfect place to watch the films again, argue the fine points, ask and answer questions from other directors.

All non-fiction films are eligible for the 2018 festival. “Ethnographic” films are not simply about far away people and places. We particularly solicit movies about modern life  as well as remote corners of the planet!

Ethnografilm is an invitation only festival. Nonfiction filmmakers are the audience. Last year one director said "I nominate this for the best festival in the world. The place and the atmosphere are so fantastic." Last year two filmmakers got engaged! Please send us an email if you particularly want to come to Paris.

From Directors who attended the first three festivals:

"Ethnografilm is a model for what can be accomplished when a professional organizing team supports a strong creative vision." Filmmaker, 2014.

"Just being able to sit in that space and enjoy a glass of wine and conversation with the filmmakers was delightful."

"I screened at the last two Cannes festivals but the press was the target audience. Ethnografilm is for the filmmakers."

"This festival is very non-French."
(We have no idea what he meant...but he said it was because there was no entrance fee!)

"Best theatre on Planet Earth."

Your film on the main screen of Ciné 13 Théâtre in Paris!

If your film is selected for the festival, *Ethnografilm* requests your permission to keep a copy for archival purposes and to use a brief exerpt for promoting the festival. We do not duplicate or sell these materials. The video and accompanying materials will be kept in the *Ethnografilm* library for viewing and statistical compilations by festival staff onsite. The submitter confirms that they have the right to submit this film and has obtained all necessary permissions, and that it does not infringe the rights of any third party. Submission of a screening copy to Ethnografilm Paris also indicates willingness to participate in our one day "traveling" Ethnografilm Festivals in Nairobi, Trivandrum, and North America

Overall Rating
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    Stacy Fitzpatrick

    Ethnografilm film festival is truly dedicated to the talents of filmmakers and the ethos of their selections are genuine, positive and committed to portraying a better world. The organisers are friendly, professional and aim to bring together the global filmmaking community without ego, encouraging working together and sharing passions. Delighted and humbled to have been a part of this inspirational festival.

    June 2017
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    Matthew Eddy

    It was an awesome experience to screen my doc film at the 2017 Ethnografilm Festival in Paris: awesome documentary films, awesome location, great opportunities to meet with other filmmakers. The hospitality of the staff was wonderful. Many of the films were focused on social justice and/ or ethnographic/ anthropological in focus and approach. Most of the filmmakers attended the festival and in my view, it was definitely worth the trip to Paris.

    May 2017
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    Mara Lin Visser

    This festival is amazingly good for the atmosphere in the film world. It creates 'space' to talk about the screened films, film in general, art and the world at large. The organization in friendly and open for conversation. Wine and cheese is served and the location is just perfect at the Montmartre.

    May 2017
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    Daniel von Rüdiger

    It was really great to be part of the Ehnografilm Paris! I was impressed by the great connection of academic ethnological approach and the artistic value of the films and filmmakers. The location is just great and every evening you have the chance to discuss your projects with other professionals in a very relaxed atmosphere. I have to finish my next project so I can apply again next year :)

    April 2017
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    Nicolas Gulino

    I had the privilege of screening my film at Ethnografilm this year (2017) and can only rave about this great little festival! For five days, filmmakers and academics gathered in this lovely historic cinema at the foot of the Moulin de la Galette in Montmartre, Paris, to watch and discuss films from every corner of the planet. The organizing committee of volunteers put in long hours to be present and make sure all aspects of the festival ran smoothly--from arranging for the talented musical guests at the opening and closing party, to lining up the diverse screening schedule, moderating the Q&A, and supplying the wine and cheese, etc. Thank you all! What sets this festival apart is its manageable size and, of course, its setting. As a director-driven festival held in a small cinema, people don't have to struggle to hear one another talk. There are many opportunities to meet others and engage in meaningful, intelligent discussion, reflect on one's multiple roles as filmmaker/observers/ researchers/ teachers in our effort to understand the social world. Ethnografilm is a stimulating and intellectual gathering and fills an important niche in the film festival world. Highly recommended!

    April 2017