Please read the requirements carefully and only submit your film if you match the criteria! Thank you.

EthnoKino is an ethnographic and documentary film program + festival, run by a collective of students, filmmakers and anthropologists, founded in 2017 at the University of Bern.
During the semester we organise "seasons": Every two weeks we show (ethnographic) documentaries and invite the filmmakers for discussions. At the end of this season, on June 12th 2022, we open the format for our event "StudentShorts"!

For this, we are looking for applications from novices, not only students (!!), in documentary film-making. If you are fairly new to filmmaking, and are a self-taught/ experimenting/ low-budget or even a first-time filmmaker, your work is welcome! This season runs under the topic "Bodies in Alliance", however, for your film any topic is welcome.

We are looking forward to your application!


The event takes place in Bern, at the Kino in der Reitschule and we will have two blocks:

In the morning we present short films that explore this season's topic of "Bodies in Alliance" one last time. We focus on the perceptions of bodies: How do we look at our own bodies and how are our bodies looked at and regulated by others, by beauty standards, institutions or the state?
The following brunch then marks the end of the season and sets the start for the format StudentShorts, where novices in ethnographic filmmaking present their work - maybe you?

The event is not a competition, instead of a jury there will be time after the screenings to exchange, connect, discuss and get feedback in an informal setting.


1) You are a newcomer in documentary filmmaking
2) The film must be max. 20 minutes
3)) The film must have english subtitles, if it's original language isn't english
4) You can attend the event physically or virtually by zoom.

Further, we need the following information:

- Name of the film and filmmaker(s), duration, original language, country and year of production
- A synopsis of max. 350 characters (with spaces)
- Two film stills

We have no fee for applications. If we select your film, you are invited for the whole event including brunch. If you need to travel to Bern/find a place to stay, we can discuss how we can support you.

If you're having difficulties uploading your film and applying via FilmFreeway, you can send us the required informations by mail to: