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Eternity synopsis                  

The idea of ​​the movie talks about the assumption of infinite parallel universes, between which there is one original            universe, before the existence of these universes, there is an organized energy compressed to the final degree (the Big Bang),from it the original universe will be produced and these parallel universes will branch from it, the vacuum swimming in    nothingness before the Big Bang predicts all possibilities and infinite parallel universes from the compressed energy (the Big Bang).The original universe walks  in a straight line, it exists in all likelihood before it enters a universe parallel to it and makes itself an original universe.   

The movie assumes that the universe is an eternal production process. It assumes that the universe is always searching for itself in a rational being that reproduces this universe through a process of confinement and an orderly pressure of energy to the final degree, the idea of ​​the movie assumes that the future can affect the present of the original universe, but that it cannot change its past.

In the year 2070, a catastrophe will strike the solar system due to the explosion of the sun, Richard is a 50-year-old, he is in the parallel future searching for the original universe in order for him to be born inside the original universe, Richard discovered that the universe reproduces itself after its collapse by regulating the energy pressure to the final degree as it existed before the Big Bang, But it will only be produced by energy pressure inside the original universe, even if the energy inside the parallel universes is compressed, these universes will not produce a new universe after the collapse, Richard devises a plan to kill his father's mistress in order for his father to marry another girl so that Richard is born into the original universe in 2020

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Professional football player, i love writing science fiction movie scripts

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