Private Project

Eternal Danshan Lily

One day, Tang Lin, a staff member of the Qingdao Municipal Archives, saw that the guest book in theexhibition hall was written with the wrong name of martyr in the battle of Danshan. She referred to the relevant archives and got into contact with the veteran soldiers, Danshan staff, public welfare personage Zhong Yi and Auntie chen from the Danshan community according to the clues. Aunt Chen recalled the heroic deeds of Xu Yuzhu, the only female soldier who died in the battle of Dan Shan, saying that her sister had come to Danshan after Xu Yuzhu's death. According to her younger sister, her elderly sister should be called Xu Yuzhi.After the sister left, she participated in the war to resist the United States aggression to aid Korea and no word came from her since then.Aunt Chen's family guarded the spirit of the brave departed for seven years,and no one had expected it.This event aroused deep echos in the hearts of munerous people, and many public welfare people nationwide have helped aunt chen grap clues.But she has not been found for years. Without solid evidence, the Qingdao Municipal Archives recorded that Xu Yuzhi may be the real name of Martyrs Xu Yuzhu, and called on more people to keep finding relevant information.

  • Peng Jiang
  • Laiqing yang
  • huizhe Nie
  • Jingli Xiao
  • Na Zhang
  • Zhigang Pang
  • Xijuan Diao
    Key Cast
  • LIli Zhang
    Key Cast
  • Yujun Liu
    Key Cast
  • Xiaoguang Xu
    Key Cast
  • Project Type:
    Short, Other
  • Runtime:
    26 minutes 35 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    August 8, 2018
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
    Chinese, English
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Peng Jiang

Name:John Sex:male Date of birth:November,18th,1978
Record of formal schooling:Undergraduate course
Graduate School:Beijing film academy Professional:Director/writer
In 2017 work:Micro film "dialogue across time and space"
In 2016 work:Traffic police series public service advertisements
Advertising for rice purifiers、"Run baby" big kids reality show
In 2015 work:"A historical silent films" China public image festival 2015 "entry prize
The 5th Beijing international film festival prize of excellent works
In 2014 work:Business promotion video for the Australian electric car
A micro film "unexpected surprise"、Micro film "love in the north"
In 2013 work:
"Dilemma", "come from afar,""the spring of the girl,""the perfect wedding,""uncle is a millionaire,""the mystery of the witnesses", "the secrets of good friends"
2007-2012 works and awards:
Feature film: overseas Chinese international business city、Central 10: ocd
Advertising: good oil AD, blue pigeon AD, new town advertising
Digital film: the husband and wife police room
Creative arts plan BMW to shoot the activity script
Commercial movie script phone, mobile phone
Literary works: the movie script "the summer of the wooden boat" is shortlisted for the film festival literature competition unit
2006 works and awards:
The self-directed micro film "identity card is a big issue" was shortlisted for 10 categories of short film of busan film festival in South Korea
2003-2004 works and awards:
Beijing xinran digital technology co. LTD. "Happy things", a series of 60 animated series, was directed by the animation. Animation is selected as the winner of China's excellent animation work
2002 works and awards:
The animation film "one day" won the creative award of the 3D art category in Beijing
Works and awards from 1998 to 2001:
Served as director of special effects art for Qingdao sun advertising film and television
Works: "Qingdao airport renovation programme large animation", "Hong Kong road plan", "pier", "millenium", etc

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Director Statement

Without solid evidence, the Qingdao Municipal Archives recorded that Xu Yuzhi may be the real name of Martyrs Xu Yuzhu, and called on more people to keep finding relevant information.