Three up and coming Spanish Conquerors set out on different paths to achieve success, wealth, and power, but only one will prevail. Their journeys are filled with danger, betrayal, and sacrifice, leading to the ultimate conquest of an empire.

Act 1: Introduction We are introduced to the three main characters: Vasco Nunez de Balboa, Francisco Pizarro, and Hernando Cortez. They are all young and ambitious, seeking to make a name for themselves in the new world. Hernando Estevan is also introduced as a key player, as he is the one who will choose which of the three to offer his loyalty to.

Act 2: Balboa's Struggle We see Balboa's struggles with debt and his desire to make a name for himself. He is unable to leave his landlocked situation until he and his comrades devise a plan to smuggle him out in a large wooden barrel. Once he is free, Balboa and his men overthrow the governor of Darien and take over as governors themselves. However, Balboa's success is short-lived, and he is eventually betrayed by his own men and executed, leaving his wife Fulvia in slavery.

Act 3: Cortez's Expedition Cortez and Estevan steal a ship in Cuba and set out on an expedition to Mexico. Along the way, they encounter many obstacles, including a lack of resources and hostile natives. When they finally reach Mexico, they are presented with 20 female slaves, one of whom is Dona Marina, who becomes Cortez's interpreter, secretary, and bodyguard. With her help, Cortez is able to communicate with the Mexicans and gain their trust, eventually convincing them that he is their lost god Quetzalcoatl.

Act 4: Pizarro's Empire Pizarro, obsessed with creating an empire like his cousin's, sets out to conquer Peru. He and his men encounter many obstacles, including hostile natives and harsh terrain. When they finally reach the Inca empire, they are able to capture their leader Atahualpa and hold him for ransom. However, Pizarro's greed and arrogance ultimately lead to his downfall, as he is unable to maintain control of his conquered lands and is eventually assassinated.

Act 5: The Ultimate Conquest In the final act, we see Cortez's ultimate triumph over Mexico, with the help of Dona Marina and his army. He establishes himself as the ruler of the empire, but at great cost, as the natives are subjugated and forced to convert to Christianity. We also see the aftermath of Pizarro's failed conquest; with the lands he conquered falling into chaos and rebellion. In the end, it is Cortez who emerges as the greatest conqueror of the three, but at what cost?

  • David Koranda
    Author of the book Estevan
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    1 hour
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    December 4, 2023
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    500,000 USD
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    United States
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