LOGLINE : From skilled criminals to misfit government agents, Elizabeth, Lolita, Katarina and Avah must dodge both terrorist bullets and political games to earn back their freedom.

Four highly skilled female criminal are given a choice : a life sentence or serve their country in a secret anti-terrorist unit.

  • Camille Huot
  • Ambrealys
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    Action, Adventure
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Camille Huot, Ambrealys

Camille Huot is a French artist, born in 1983 in Lyon, France.
After finishing two years of college, he moved to Paris to study theater at the Cours Simon drama school, during which he had the chance to work on various plays, among which Hyène, by Georges Simenon.
As this experience awoke his creative fiber, he started writing. His first notable work is a sad but delicate unpublished play about death, childhood, unfulfilled dreams and the power of love. He wrote several other short stories and a novel, David, highly inspired by Stephen King’s world.
In 2016, a small independent publishing company released Louméria, La Bague des légendes, a beautiful work of fiction full of poetry and magic, which was well received by the public considering that it was his first published novel.
Erased is his very first screenplay.

Ambrealys is a French artist currently enrolled at William Esper Studio in NYC.
She took her first steps on a stage in 1996, with a small theater company which nurtured her passion for acting before releasing her to the Drama Conservatory of Montpellier in 2006.
She moved to Paris in 2008 to study translation, putting her acting endeavors on hold.
Fueled by a taste for the writing world, she launched a small independent publishing company in 2012 which has since published 17 books, among which the first novel of her co-writer, Camille Huot, was one.
After finishing her Masters in translation, she relocated to NYC, as a translator for the United Nations. But the call of the creative world eventually grew too loud to ignore and, after the birth of her second child, she dove back into the acting world.
Through screenwriting, she is marrying her loves for acting and writing.

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