With the death of West by West Campus and its associated film festival in Spring 2014, some student filmmakers thought it wise to honor the fantastic fest with a gathering of their own. Every Equinox (that's every fall and spring semester for those of you without a cosmic calendar and/or Google), student and independent filmmakers and their audiences gather for a display of their work, under the watchful eye of the cosmic fulcrum that is the changing of the seasons.

The ultimate mission of this festival is to circumvent the typical commercialism and competition associated with film festivals. There are no prizes. There are no genre categories. You are free to make and submit whatever you want. Just make it interesting.

*[Due to the overwhelming amount of submissions received, all remaining submissions will be subjected to a $5 surcharge.]*

Give us your weirdest, most cosmic, most provocative stuff. No boring bullshit. You've just got to have made it yourself, and please keep it around or under 15 minutes.

Please only submit one thing. If you submit more than one film, only the first will be considered.

This is meant to be primarily a student and local festival, so there is a $10 submission fee on shorts that don't fall into those categories. Still, all are welcome.