“One minute to tell a story, infinite possibilities.”

Ephemeral means brief, short lived. We want to create a film festival featuring 1 minute length films

People’s Choice
Best Direction
Best Cinematography
Best Actor
Best Actress
Best SFX
Best editing
Best score
Sound mixing
Best in show (for each genre)

1. Films must adhere to the submission requirements. A buffer of +/- 5 seconds will be afforded to films that may not meet the 60 second requirement.

2. As a general rule, please keep language tasteful. Films will not be denied because of language, but we ask that it make sense to the story.

3. Ensure you have the proper rights to use the music and images in the submission.

4. Late submissions will not be considered.

5. This is a public event. X-rated films will not be considered.


1. Films must be a minute length maximum.
a. Submissions must be a maximum of one minute from the opening to final frame. Credits are not included in the time limit, provided they don’t incorporate content that drives your storyline.

2. Incorporate the word “Ephemeral”.
a. Your film must somehow incorporate the word “ephemeral,” meaning brief or short-lived. This can include - but is not limited to - dialogue, theme, title, and style. Your interpretation but be explained in an artist statement submitted with your film.

3. Artist Statement
a. All films must include an artist statement. It can be 100 - 500 characters long and must explain how your film incorporates the word “ephemeral”.

4. Early Submission
a. Early submission films must be in by November 9th. This will give you time to receive feedback from the team should the film need changes.

5. Regular Submission
a. Regular submissions must be in before midnight on November 23rd. Late films will not be considered.