EnCore Dance on Film features short movies by dance filmmakers from around the world. These screenings are free and open to the public. Screened annually since 2014, EnCore presents a selection of fascinating independent video dance productions and serves as a platform for dance films which picture dance exclusively for, and with, the camera. EnCore focuses on the interplay between dance and the techniques of filmmaking, exploring the possibilities and boundaries of the art form.

EnCore Dance on Film Premiere Screening will take place on May 28, 2021 and will continue to be screened through September 6, 2021 as part of Core Dance’s Window Installation Series.

Submission is $10.

For four decades, Core Dance has supported innovation, collaboration, artistic risk-taking and sustainable art-making in dance. An award-winning contemporary dance organization with global reach, Core Dance creates, performs, and produces compelling original dance that ignites the creative spirit and actively encourages participation and conversation with the community. In 1980, Core Dance was co-founded in Houston, Texas by dancer and choreographer Sue Schroeder and her sister, Kathy Russell.  Five years later, the organization added Atlanta, Georgia as a second home base, creating a platform for dance that is relevant in both cities and around the globe. Core Dance uses dance to educate, question and illuminate, and is internationally recognized for its artistically driven research practices, cross-cultural and multi-disciplinary collaborations, the humanity of the individual Dance Artists, and its rigorous physicality. (coredance.org)

Dance Film Submissions
EnCore: Dance On Film is a screening for SHORTS only. Entries may be no longer than 15 minutes in length. We are celebrating the genre of Dance Films and Dance on Screen, please no recordings of performances.

Explicit Content Rules
Film content should be suitable for all ages. Nothing that would offend parents for viewing by children. Therefore, violence, language, substances, nudity, and sex are restricted. If there is violence in the film, it must be kept to a minimum and not be intense, realistic, extreme, or persistent. With language, snippets of language that go "beyond polite conversation" are permitted, but no stronger words or profanity are allowed. No drug usage or paraphernalia may be shown. No nudity is permitted. Understanding dance performances sometimes contain elements that allude to passion or sex, any allusions must be artistic and not explicit. All elements listed above apply to both live and animated components.

Only accepting downloadable links.

Please include Hi Res screenshots with your submission.

For more information please contact film@coredance.org.

Overall Rating
  • Thank you all very much! The experience was just top notch.

    June 2021
  • Kate Mitchell

    Such a great festival. I only wish we could have shared it together rather than from our separate shelters during this pandemic.

    June 2020
  • I was so excited for my film to be shown at 2 festivals but the communication was so poor for the first festival and then I never heard anything from them about the 2nd festival. I am local to the city the screening was happening but didn’t even know when to go because I never received any information concerning when and where. Needless to say, I’m really frustrated at the lack of communication and professionalism.

    June 2019
  • Excellent festival. Nice format and great selection of films.

    May 2019
  • Sarah Emery

    We enjoyed being a part of this festival. Thank you!

    May 2019