An aspiring filmmaker who wants to create queer (campy) films.
Emily C. Mata is a Peruvian-American filmmaker who recently graduated from SUNY Purchase College concentrating in film.
Emily's interest in film began during their senior in High School. They explored their interest by taking a Filmmaking class. By the end of their senior year, two of the films they made for that class had been recognized. One was a short silent film, and the second was a documentary. They were awarded “Outstanding Achievement in Filmmaking” at their school’s Cultural Arts Awards. The short silent film they made has been nominated under the Honorable Mentioned category, at the Hendrick Hudson Film Festival. In addition, their documentary was displayed at the Katonah Art Museum of Young Artists in Katonah NY.
Fall of 2018, Emily became a film student at SUNY Purchase Conservatory of Film. During their time at Purchase College, Emily learned how to write scripts, connect with actors, operate and set up film equipment, and work long hours on film sets by collaborating with their peers for major film projects.
They also encountered and overcame challenges as a deaf person in settings where verbal communication and hearing is entailed. They continue to learn and adapt in any collaborative setting by accommodating themselves and requesting assistance if needed.
For Emily's final senior thesis film, they've made a fantasy genre fictional wlw film titled VERONICA'S LOVE (May 29, 2023).
SUNY Purchase College
BFA Film
High School
Ossining High School
Birth Date
January 30, 1999
Zodiac Sign
An aspiring filmmaker who wants to create queer (campy) films.
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