General admission

Price $500.00
Sales End September 30, 2023

Event Date Oct 7, 2023 6:00 PM | Show Details Hide Details

Ticket proceeds benefit nonprofit organizations helping make a positive difference in people’s lives on the Emerald Coast, provides scholarships for filmmakers and/or assists filmmakers with recovering in FLORIDA after Hurricane Ian


Price $1,000.00
Sales End April 30, 2023

Event Date Apr 30, 2023 2:00 PM | Show Details Hide Details

Vision Gathering on private Island.
Anyone with a heart of compassion to help make a positive difference in the world via faith and family friendly music and film is welcome to attend and/or contribute; but please note that these ticket sales are nonrefundable. Proceeds are designated for the Emerald Coast Film Festival theater and film studio building fund.

Scholarships for filmmakers ~ Pay it forward

Price $100.00
Sales Ended
Sales End December 31, 2022

Proceeds help aspiring filmmakers, producers and directors in sanctioned countries, anyone giving a voice to those who have no voice, and/or filmmakers effected by Hurricane Ian in Florida who cannot afford entry fees. This is a “pay it forward” non-event to bless those in need and non-refundable.

Roundtable Brunch Meet and Greet

Price $50.00
Sales End October 1, 2023

Event Date Oct 7, 2023 11:00 AM | Show Details Hide Details

Brunch with special guest speakers

Proceeds from Emerald Coast Film Festival ticket sales benefits nonprofit organizations helping make a positive difference in people’s lives on the Emerald Coast, scholarships for filmmakers, and/or to assist with Hurricane Ian recovery in FLORIDA. Count your blessings, love one another, Trust God, and no matter what trials come, never give up, and never despise humble beginnings!

Let’s help make a positive difference in the world together via faith and family friendly music and film!

This event will be held on a private Island in Santa Rosa Beach.
Contributions accepted whether you plan to attend or not and are non-refundable.

NOTE: Future yearly ECFF’s will not be open to the General Public. Guests will be selected from filmmakers in the TV, Film and music industry; including Producers, Directors, Actors, Filmmakers, Screenplay / script writers and Singer-songwriters, musicians, film distributors etc. To meet requirements and be qualified, email your qualifications to: Details will be provided to attendees via e-Mail to insure security. Arrangements to attend must be made in advance via private yacht(s) or helicopter.


Is there an ID or are there minimum age requirements to enter the event? IDs must be shown in order to enter building. The minimum age to attend is 12 years old but they must be supervised by a parent or adult in attendance at all times. Babysitting is also available for younger children if requested and prearranged by September 30th.

What are my parking options at the event? Parking is available at the Stephens Center.

What can I bring into the event? No alcohol, food or other drinks are allowed on the grounds, inside buildings or on the island. Food and drinks will be provided &/or will be for sale at the event.

What's the refund policy? Pre-purchased tickets are nonrefundable; consider it as a donation or get a rain check for the following year.