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Ellen Escapes!

Ellen Dressler is a snarky, 24-year-old newspaper reporter who dreams of getting out of her hometown. An English degree and a crappy job market have landed her back in her Dad’s house having to deal with a ton of boring people. To escape the mundane nature of this rural township, Ellen scrolls through social media and writes notes for a sci-fi story called “Time Fighters”. But what happens when these dimension-hopping characters invade her reality, why do they all look like people from her town, and why does the enemy bare resemblance to her Mom who left ten years ago? With the help of her philosophy professor Grandpa and the townsfolk she so despises, Ellen must learn how to clear her mind, defeat these visions, and embrace the reality she’s been presented with.

  • Chris
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    Screenplay, Short Script
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    Comedy, Drama, Fantasy
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Writer Biography - Chris

How does someone addicted to telling stories about other people begin to write a blurb about his own? He could start with how the first page of "Harry Potter" hooked him into storytelling when he was six years old. It could be a good idea to mention the countless novels, short stories, TV pilots, and screenplays he’s written since that time. Mentioning his professional storytelling couldn’t hurt either. He did work at the sketch show "This Hour Has 22 Minutes", formed his own comedy group, and currently helps tell stories at "CTV News" after all. He could go through all of these options before realizing that writing out hypotheticals in the third person is the best way to go and doesn’t make him sound like a douche whatsoever.

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Tell it like it is. People may think they're immersing themselves in a story to get away from it all, but really they're searching for truths about the world outside of it.