Elena has been working in the film industry in the mid-Atlantic area of the U.S. since the late 1980’s. She was an intern in wardrobe on the set of the original film, “Hairspray” written and directed by Baltimore Director John Waters in 1987.
She spent the summer of 1990 working as the personal assistant to Kevin Bacon. While working for him she was also putting together a script, eventually titled Life After Lisa, which would later become her second web series.
In 1992 Elena joined the union I.A.T.S.E. Local 487 and started working in the craft services department for films and commercials. She was the Key Craft Services on many John Waters films including Pecker, Cecil B. Demented, and A Dirty Shame. She also filled the spot of Key Craft Services on all five seasons of the hit HBO Series, The Wire.
In 1998 she created her first web series, Jamie’s Way. She hired a local teen cast, including her god-daughter Krysten, and filmed four episodes. But back in 1998-2001 sites like YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, Vimeo etc. barely existed, and it took forever to download video on the web. Still, the teen cast has their share of fans, and the site had 20,000 hits a day! How? “Pictures” smiles Elena, “Always update with new pictures.”

2008, after The Wire ended, the work on film sets in the mid-Atlantic area became non-existent. Elena went back to New Media and created two more web series, Life After Lisa (based off the script she had started writing back in college) and Click On This, a lifestyle interview show.
Two webisodes of Life After Lisa were filmed in the Fall of 2008 and the web series became one of the first 11 web serials to be a New Media Signatory for the Writer’s Guild East. Life After Lisa – a “Pretty Little Liars” type series set in the 1980s was a script Elena had been working on since the 1980s. Elena Still hopes to do more episodes and to one day film the first full season.
Elena started filming webisodes of Click On This at the premiere of the movie Respire, and at the Baltimore Women’s Film Festival in 2009 and to date there have been over 250 episodes released with many more on the way! Click On This was originally created as a side project to feature sponsors of Life After Lisa. But then the individual webisodes took on a life of their own, and Click soon blossomed into it’s own separate entity. Since 2009 – Click On This has come a LONG WAY!!
Elena also created the Baltimore Screenwriter’s Coffee Club, a club that meets once a month at The Creative Alliance where screenwriters go to have their work read out loud, and to get advice from their peers. The club now has over 350 members in it.
Currently Elena still freelances – working as crew on the Netflix series, “House of Cards” while running her screenwriter’s club, and producing the Click On This Show.
Winner: Best Talk Show
Click On This Show
Miami Web Fest 2018
Official Selection
Click On This Show
Web Series Festival
Orem, Utah
Winners: Best Host / Best UnScripted
Click On This Show
New Jersey Web Fest
West Orange
Winner: Best Entertainment Series
Click On This Show
People's Public Media Awards of Excellence
New York, New York
Outstanding Achievement Award
Click On This Show
LA Web Fest 2011
Los Angeles
Bronze - People's Choice
Click On This Show
Telly Awards 2015
Winner: Best Reality Web Series
Click On This Show
Asia Web Awards 2018