It’s not often these days that every film in a film festival, large, small, mainstream, even fringe, is truly independent – i.e. fully self-funded by the film-maker. This spirit of artists doing it for themselves is exactly the kind of spirit that drives Electric Shorts.
Electric Shorts puts together a programme of films fully self funded by twelve diverse film-makers. The films will display different styles and cover a range of themes.
Electric Shorts wants to inspire film-makers to do what they’re passionate about, to get their work out there. If you wait around for money from funding bodies or private backers before you start a film, you might be waiting a long time, and your work, your vision might never be seen by anyone.
Electric Shorts is part of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.

No Awards

We are accepting films that have been fully self-funded by the filmmaker. Films that have government funding cannot enter. Films that have been made as part of, or with assistance from a filmmaking institution/school/college cannot enter.
All genres accepted, films must be 30min or less and the year of production is irrelevant.