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This is the story of a 7 year old boy named Jhoomru. Jhoomru was kidnapped from a hospital as soon as he is born, Jhoomru grows up. Jhoomru and other children are trained to beg from childhood. All the children are left daily to beg at different intersections, and by the evening, the amount of money they have collected is taken into account, the child whose collection is less being tortured, their hands are burned with cigarette and are beaten. Also are harassed sexually.

Jhoomru could not tolerate all this, Jhoomru is small but he understands where he is being trapped. There is also a 14 year old girl with Jhoomru whose name is Mala, she loves Jhoomru very much, and she takes care of him, Jhoomru calls her Mala.
Mallik, who make these children beg, has a dirty eye on Mala, one day Mala’s collection was low, then Mallik beats her a lot and takes her to his room in front of all the children, and rapes her.
He starts doing it every day, and tortures her. Jhoomru does not like all this but what can he do? If any one child tries to run away from there, then Mallik and his people would break their feet and leave them on the road or punish them in some or other way.

One day Jhoomru goes to a tea stall, while he was begging, a boy standing with some of his friends notices Jhoomru and the marks on his hands and feet.
He suspects something and he tells Jhoomru to call him. He asks Jhoomru’s name. But Jhoomru does not talk to him and raises his hand and asks him for money. The boy stops for a while and asks Jhoomru if he will eat something. Takes a packet of biscuit and a samosa and gives it to Jhoomru

Jhoomru goes away from him sits at a distance and starts eating. The boy goes to Jhoomru and sits beside him. And again asks his name, this time Jhoomru tells him his name, the boy slowly takes Jhoomru in his confidence in talks, and first he tells his name to Jhoomru that he is Sanju,

While talking for some time, he asks Jhoomru about the mark on his body.
Jhoomru gets a little scared and starts looking here and there out of fear, Sanju changes the topic seeing him scared and tells Jhoomru that whenever he is hungry, Jhoomru can go there and he will get something to eat for Jhoomru. At this time by giving a smile to Jhoomru; Sanju leaves the place. Sanju takes out his phone and calls someone. Jhoomru meets Sanju continuously for 2-3 days. Again one day Sanju asks Jhoomru about his marks, this time Jhoomru tells Sanju about Mallik and his torture but he was still scared. Sanju becomes completely numb after hearing the little child.
He asks Jhoomru his address. Jhoomru tells his address to Sanju and leaves from there. Sanju and the people of his group follow Jhoomru and other children for a few days and make a video of all of them and go to the police.
One day while Mallik is torturing all the children, Sanju comes there with the police, the police catches Mallik and takes the children out safely. Sanju and his group go to Jhoomru and speak to him. It's all because of you, Jhoomru. Sanju hugs Jhoomru.

cut 2 morning scene (Bal Ashram)

Sanju and the rest of the team are standing with a lot of children playing, Jhoomru comes out wearing school uniform from the building, hanging a bag, with a smile.
Image stops A voice over message .................................


  • Jai Kumar Lahori
  • Jai Kumar Lahori
  • Amit Dhupe
  • Ayaan Jai Kumar
    Key Cast
  • Asmita Patil
    Key Cast
  • Nikhil Jawade
    Key Cast
  • Devansh Jaiswal
    Key Cast
  • Ashish A Bhavsar
  • Pankaj Jaktap
  • Piyush Borkar
  • Youraj Kelwadkar
  • Aryan Vijay Lahori
    Assit- Director
  • Project Type:
  • Runtime:
    18 minutes 59 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    August 7, 2021
  • Production Budget:
    100 USD
  • Country of Origin:
  • Country of Filming:
  • Language:
  • Shooting Format:
    Digital HD
  • Aspect Ratio:
  • Film Color:
  • First-time Filmmaker:
  • Student Project:
Director Biography - Jai Kumar Lahori

My ame is Jai kumar Lahori, I am from Nagpur Maharashtra. So far I have done 3 Short Films in which Musical - the silent story, Ek Sawal - the dark word and Jhumroo.
I am a Film Director and also a Dance Choreographer.

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Director Statement

I have done 3 Short Films in which Musical - the silent story, Ek Sawal - the dark word and Jhumroo.