The Eerie Horror Film Festival was established in order to provide more opportunities and exposure for filmmakers and screenwriters working within the horror, science fiction and suspense genres, as well as to draw more attention to the Northwestern Pennsylvania region via our annual film festival and other special events.

Our organization hopes to provide an educational and entertaining visual experience for the attendees of our Festival, which showcases and celebrates the diversity of the films and screenplays submitted to our competition based event each year.

We also hope to establish a forum, where novices and seasoned veterans alike can interact and learn from one another, as well as from our array of special celebrity guests and industry professionals.

The 2017 Eerie Horror Film Festival and Screenplay Competition has officially opened its call for entries and is currently seeking submissions from all over the world!

Submission categories include Horror Feature, Horror Short, Science Fiction Feature, Science Fiction Short, Suspense Feature, Suspense Short, Student(10 - 17 yrs of age) Horror Feature; Student (10 - 17 yrs of age) Horror Short; Short Length Screenplay; Feature Length Screenplay; Student (10 - 17 yrs of age) Feature Length Screenplay; Student (10 - 17 yrs of age) Short Length Screenplay.

Overlooked, underrated, and misunderstood, independent horror and science fiction movies have been virtually ignored and shunned by the mainstream film industry since it began more than a century ago.

Through the decades, these films have entertained and thrilled audiences around the world and continue to grow in popularity to this very day, slowly but surely gaining the appreciation and respect that they deserve.

There is an incredible amount of talent in this field that goes unnoticed and unappreciated, and The Eerie Horror Film Festival hopes to to reverse that trend.

Since 2004 the EERIE HORROR FILM FESTIVAL has screened over 400 films and has featured appearances by Norman Reedus (Boondock Saints/Walking Dead), C. Thomas Howell (The Outsiders), Sean Patrick Flanery (Boondock Saints), Jason Mewes (Clerks), Brian O'Halloran (Clerks), Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog), Sid Haig (Devil's Rejects), Fred Williamson (Black Caesar), Richard Hatch (Battlestar Galactica), Dee Wallace Stone (Cujo), Tony Todd (Candyman), Tom Savini (From Dusk Till Dawn), Kane Hodder (Friday the 13th series), Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead), PJ Soles (Halloween), Vernon Wells (Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior), Gunnar Hansen (Texas Chainsaw Massacre '74), Ed Neal (Texas Chainsaw Massacre '74), Lloyd Kaufman (Toxic Avenger), David Della Rocco (Boondock Saints), Tony Moran (Halloween), Reggie Bannsiter (Phantasm), A. Michael Baldwin (Phantasm), Eugene Clark (Land of the Dead), Rodrigo Gudino (Rue Morgue Magazine), Gary Klar (Day of the Dead), Joe Pilato (Day of the Dead), Ken Sagoes (Nightmare on Elm St: The Dream Warriors), Lynn Lowry (The Crazies), Tom Atkins (Halloween III), Stephen Geoffreys (Fright Night), Charles Cyphers (Halloween), Nancy Loomis (Halloween), Lew Temple (Devil's Rejects), Alex Vincent (Child's Play), Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick (The Omen '06), Michael Berryman (The Hills Have Eyes), Beverly Bonner (Basket Case), Kenny Miller (I Was a Teenage Werewolf), Brooke McCarter (The Lost Boys), Brian Andrews (Halloween), G Tom Mac (The Lost Boys), Mark Borchardt (American Movie), Bill Thornbury (Phantasm), Kevin Van Hentenryck (Basket Case), John Hancock (Let's Scare Jessica to Death), Dorothy Tristan (screenwriter), Mark Steensland (The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick), Sean David Morton (Joe Killionaire), Len Kabasinski (Swamp Zombies), Greg Lamberson (Slime City), Debbie Rochon (Hellblock 13), Michael Stanley (Attack of the Beast Creatures), Leonard Lies (Dawn of the Dead), Jim Krut (Dawn of the Dead), and many, many more!

The EERIE HORROR FILM FESTIVAL will take place October 2017, dates and venue to be announced (though last weekend in October in Edinboro, Pa is the most likely).

Festival Awards, Industry Recognition, Sponsor Prizes

Each work is judged solely on its own merits.

Entry Formats
1. Film formats accepted for entry into our competion: DVD (ONLY IF MAILING - NTSC format only! DVDs must be Region 0 or 1) OR online screener (NO need to send hard copies of your film if using this preferred method).
2. All films must have been completed after January 2012.
3. Foreign films must be dubbed or presented in their original language with English language subtitles.
4. IF MAILING - Each film submission must be on a separate DVD. No compilations accepted. TWO copies MUST be sent in TWO separate sleeves or jewel cases. Do NOT combine them in one case please! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SEND US ANYTHING IF YOU HAVE UPLOADED YOUR FILM.
5. Student Film entries MUST be filled out and signed (if mailing) by a parent or legal guardian. Any attempt by someone 18 years or older to enter the Student category (which is for ages 10 - 17 only) will result in immediate disqualification. We do check.

Film Submission Procedures
Complete the FilmFreeway information send us a clearly labeled DVD OR simply UPLOAD YOUR MOVIE HERE. Please include movie title, running time, year of production and the FilmFreeway tracking number if mailing DVDs to us.

A Press Kit is not required nor requested.

Submission of a film confirms that the Eerie Horror Film Festival has permission to exhibit said film at the Festival. Films may also be screened at Festival related events with prior permission from the filmmaker. Submission of a work implies that the Festival can employ moving image excerpts and reproduce stills from submissions and/or selected films for exhibition or promotion (ie: a still used for a newspaper article, a trailer on YouTube, etc) of the Eerie Horror Film Festival. Permission to use short passages and/or excerpts from screenplay submissions and/or selections, is hereby granted to the Eerie Horror Film Festival for promotional and/or educational purposes. Filmmakers and authors retain complete ownership and rights of their films and screenplays. Filmmakers confirm that they have secured all copyright clearances needed for music, moving or still images, etc used in their film. Eerie Horror Fest is NOT responsible for any legal issues that may arise due to filmmaker's lack of securing these rights. By submitting using FilmFreeway you grant the Eerie Horror Film Festival the right to share some of your basic personal information with third parties with similar interests (ie: another film festival, a producer, film studio, film related products, etc).

Every precaution will be exercised in handling entries, but neither the Festival organizers, employees, sponsors, nor participating organizations can assume responsibility for damage to or loss of materials submitted. Two copies of films and screenplays MUST be submitted. Failure to do so will result in disqualification. No exceptions.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS WAIVER (a/k/a the legal mambo jumbo)- By entering this competition the filmmaker/screenwriter acknowledges and agrees that they have secured all copyright clearances (if needed) for inclusion in their final product. (ie: a song used on the soundtrack of a film, use of a passage from a famous literary novel in a script, etc). The filmmaker/screenwriter entering this competition agrees to hold the Eerie Horror Film Festival, it's owners, employees, board members, staff and volunteers harmless from any and all claims of infringement for material used within their film or screenplay should such an issue arise. By entering this Contest, entrants agree to abide by the terms of these Official Rules, which are final and binding on all matters pertaining to this Contest. All federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply. All taxes (including, without limitation, federal, state, and local taxes) on or connected with any prize (including, without limitation, prizes that are opportunities to make donations to a charitable organization), and the reporting consequences thereof, are the sole and exclusive responsibility of respective winners. All prizes awarded in connection with the Contest are nontransferable and non-endorsable. No substitution of prizes is permitted. Release, Waiver and Indemnification. BY ENTERING THE CONTEST, ENTRANTS RELEASE AND HOLD THE EERIE HORROR FILM FESTIVAL, IT'S OWNERS, EMPLOYEES, BOARD MEMBERS, STAFF MEMBERS, VOLUNTEERS, PROMOTER AND HOST AND ALL OTHER CONTEST ENTITIES HARMLESS FROM AND AGAINST ANY AND ALL LOSSES, DAMAGES, RIGHTS, CLAIMS, AND ACTIONS OF ANY KIND ARISING IN WHOLE OR IN PART, DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY, FROM THE CONTEST OR PARTICIPATION IN ANY CONTEST-RELATED ACTIVITY OR RESULTING DIRECTLY OR INDIRECTLY FROM ACCEPTANCE, POSSESSION, USE, OR MISUSE OF ANY PRIZE AWARDED IN CONNECTION WITH THE CONTEST, INCLUDING WITHOUT LIMITATION PERSONAL INJURY, DEATH, AND/OR PROPERTY DAMAGE, AS WELL AS CLAIMS BASED ON PUBLICITY RIGHTS, DEFAMATION, AND/OR INVASION OF PRIVACY. THE PROMOTER, THE HOST AND CONTEST ENTITIES DO NOT NOW AND SHALL NOT HAVE IN THE FUTURE ANY DUTY OR LIABILITY, DIRECT OR INDIRECT, VICARIOUS, CONTRIBUTORY, OR OTHERWISE, WITH RESPECT TO THE INFRINGEMENT OR PROTECTION OF AN ENTRANT'S INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHTS, IF ANY, RESPECT TO ANY SUBMISSION OR CONCEPT, REVIEWS, MATERIAL, VIDEO AND/OR OTHER MATERIALS PROVIDED IN CONNECTION WITH THE CONTEST. BY ENTERING THE CONTEST, ENTRANTS RELEASE, WAIVE ANY CLAIMS WITH REGARD TO, AND HOLD HARMLESS THE PROMOTER, THE HOST AND THE CONTEST ENTITIES FROM AND AGAINST ANY AND ALL CLAIMS OF ANY KIND THAT ARE OR COULD BE ASSERTED WITH RESPECT TO ANY MATTER RELATING TO THE CONTEST. ENTRANTS FURTHER AGREE TO INDEMNIFY, DEFEND AND HOLD THE PROMOTER, HOST AND ALL OTHER CONTEST ENTITIES HARMLESS FROM ANY AND ALL DAMAGES, LIABILITIES, FEES AND COST INCURRED IN DEFENDING AGAINST ANY THIRD PARTY CLAIMS OR THREATS OF CLAIMS ASSERTED AGAINST PROMOTER, HOST AND/OR OTHER CONTEST ENTITIES ARISING FROM ANY ENTRANT'S PARTICIPATION IN OR CONDUCT ASSOCIATED WITH THE CONTEST.Force Majeure. Nonperformance of any party shall be excused to the extent that performance is rendered impossible by strike, fire, flood, earthquakes, war, governmental acts, alien invasions or orders or restrictions, or any other reason where failure to perform is beyond the reasonable control, and not caused by the negligence of, the nonperforming party. Governing Law and Waiver of Damages. The Contest and these Official Rules are governed by and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania , United States of America , without regards to its principles of conflicts of law. For any dispute not subject to arbitration entrant agrees to personal jurisdiction by the federal and state courts located in Erie , Pennsylvania , United States of America , and waives any jurisdictional, venue, or inconvenient forum objections to such courts. Further, in any such dispute, under no circumstances will entrant be permitted to obtain awards for, and hereby irrevocably waives all rights to claim, punitive, incidental, or consequential damages, or any other damages, including attorneys' fees, other than participant's actual out-of-pocket expenses (i.e., costs associated with participating in the Contest), and entrant further irrevocably waives all rights to have damages multiplied or increased.Privacy. Personal and sensitive information submitted in connection with this competition will be kept confidential although some basic information may be shared with third parties with similar interests and of potential benefit to our entrants (ie: other film festivals, studios, screenplay contests, etc).

Overall Rating
  • Edward Martin

    I dunno, maybe I'm weird. I had a script make the semi-finals, and there was a short note from the organizer, and then I heard nothing, even though I reached out a few times. When I've tried contacting the organizer, not only is there no response, but the email bounced. I'm a bit surprised by this because other folks are giving it good ratings, but man, what am I failing to do right?

    April 2018
  • Jeff Rudkin

    It is nice that they have a student category that will allow middle school students to submit and screen. Many festivals will not do that. We are happy to have two films selected after the disappointment of not getting in last year. They always got right back with me when I had a question.

    November 2017
  • Jonathan Stiffy

    The Eerie Horror Film Fest was a great value and class act. Even though it was scaled back this year, I saw some outstanding films and met some great people. I was also able to meet one of the screenplay competition judges and get valuable feedback on the script I submitted first-hand. I will definitely be back next year!

    November 2016
  • Maninder Chana

    A great festival and we had a lot of fun screening our feature at it. The organizers were very friendly, helpful and kept in communication prior to and after the festival. Highly recommended.

    November 2016
  • Ron Bonk

    great time, very friendly group!

    November 2016