Educated is a show loosely based on the lives of three HBCU students. Deja Bullock, Da’Mico Barksdale, and Aaron Plowden. The show would explore their lives while they attended undergrad at Central State University.

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Writer Biography - Deja Bullock

Deja Bullock is a 24 year old HBCU graduate. She is from Indianapolis, Indiana. Deja is the oldest child of two.

Deja has a love for the arts. She has been writing since she was 8 years old. Deja loves music- especially classic hip-hop.

She went to Ohio's only public HBCU, Central State University, which the show "Educated" is based on.

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Writer Statement

I want this show to depict what college life is really like for an HBCU student. The characters and situations are not made up because me and my friends are these people and these events actually happened to us. It wasn't all serious and it wasn't all good. I want viewers to see something real.