I am looking for a producer to distribute the film to the world
About the film director:
Instagram and Facebook blogger, 100 000 subscribers.
Member of the International Federation of Journalist - IFJ. Member of the Independent Media Trade Union of Ukraine.
Ex Mayor Adviser on media issues (2018-2019).
The filmmaker, being an amateur and without any experience in professional video filming and journalism, at the age of 27 made the decision to go to war and shoot a film on his own. It was in 2017. Permission was received from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Security Service of Ukraine and accreditation from the ATO Center. Then arrived at the location of the 43rd battalion in the Donetsk region, at the front section called "Svetlodarskaya Duga", which is located 50 km from Donetsk. The filmmaker lived 21 days in trenches and dugouts while filming and networking was underway. Was in a gray zone with reconnaissance and under bombardment. The film is made exclusively by one person and all film rights belong to the director Eduard Yarovoy.
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June 10, 1990
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Kryvyi Rih
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I am looking for a producer to distribute the film to the world
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