In 2022, Edinburgh International Film Festival returns to its place at the heart of the Edinburgh festivals summer season. Set against the backdrop of the world's largest global gathering of culture including the Edinburgh International Festival, International Fringe, International Book Festival, Art Festival, Edinburgh International Television Festival; EIFF is now preparing its 75th edition.

Inspired by the unique identity of our city and our love of film, EIFF is intimate in scale and ambitious in its artistic scope. We offer the best in contemporary global and national cinema, dedicated retrospective programming, short programs with a specialty focus on animation, experimental cinema, and a dedication to exploring new and hybrid forms of screen-based storytelling.

EIFF invites audiences, artists, and innovators to imagine new worlds with us, inspired by great films, thoughtful conversations, and joyful encounters. We look forward to welcoming you to our 75th edition, 12 – 20th August 2022.

Key Submission Dates
- Early Bird: Monday 7th February
- Regular: Thursday 31st March
- Late: Monday 25th April @ 23:59


The following awards will be given at the 75th Edinburgh International Film Festival.


The Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film

Named in homage to one of the most imaginative artists in the history of British cinema, the Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature was inaugurated at EIFF in 1990 to honour imagination and creativity in British filmmaking.

The award, which carries a cash prize, is open to UK and Irish feature films spanning fiction, non-fiction and hybrid forms of screen-based storytelling.

The Audience Award

Each year EIFF invites our audience to vote for their favourite film in the program. All feature length films in official selection are eligible for the Audience Award.


McLaren Animation Award & McLaren Short Film Award

Inaugurated in 1990 and named in honour of the renowned Scottish-born animator and innovator, the McLaren Awards celebrate the spirit of creativity in short form works.

These awards, carry a cash prize and are open to new short films from the UK and Ireland.


A full explanation of our Rules and Regulations can be found on the EIFF website -

All submitted films should be no more than 12 months old by August 2022 and meet with the selection criteria as described below.

- EIFF regards a short film as 45 minutes or under and a feature film as anything over 45 minutes.
- EIFF is accepting submissions for UK and Irish feature films; UK and Irish short films; and International short films.
- To be considered a UK feature, the film has to have been made by a Companies House registered UK Film Production Company and qualify as British via either the British cultural test; one of the UK’s official bi-lateral co-production treaties; or the European Convention on Cinematographic Co-production.
- To be considered a UK short, the film must be able to pass the British cultural test – it is not necessary for the company to be registered.  
- Scottish Premiere status is required for all feature films and all international short submissions. There is no premiere status requirement for UK/Irish shorts. EIFF is particularly interested in World, International or European premieres, and first or second features.
- Films may have previously been publicly screened anywhere outside of Scotland, including England, Ireland, and Wales. However, we are unable to accept films that have previously been broadcast or otherwise made publicly available (including online) within the UK.
- Films that are available to purchase are not eligible. This includes DVD/Blu-ray/online digital download formats.
- Promotional films are not eligible (e.g. films promoting tourism, charitable appeals, etc.).

PLEASE NOTE – your fee is non-refundable. If your film does not match the criteria listed above and you still submit your film, we will not consider your film and will not refund your fee.

The final selection of all films presented at the Festival and their placement in the EIFF programme is at the discretion of the programming team.

Overall Rating
  • Jonny Eveson

    The best film festival we've been to! So honoured to have Meteorlight screen alongside some amazing animated short films. The events put on for networking were amazing – we loved the walk up to Arthur's Seat, and there were so many other opportunities for drinks and meals. It was a busy but wonderful few days, and we plan to come back next year whether we have a film in the festival or not. Thank you for everything – highly recommended!

    July 2019