Love the Art in you
Eduardo Zamora is a multi-talented film maker known for his exceptional skills in acting, screenwriting, and film making. He is known for his ability to create realistic and gritty short films that leave a lasting impression on viewers. Eduardo has a passion for film making that drives him to continually create compelling content that resonates with audiences.
Eduardo is from South Florida, where he draws inspiration from the diverse cultures and landscapes of both locations. He is highly regarded for his work in the film industry, and his talents have earned him numerous accolades and recognition for his contributions to the art of film making.
In addition to his film making pursuits, Eduardo is also a dedicated advocate for the arts and actively supports various arts initiatives and organizations. His dedication to the industry and his passion for the craft has made him a beloved figure in the film community.
Overall, Eduardo Zamora is a highly skilled and talented film maker who has made a significant impact on the industry through his unique and captivating short films. His love for film making continues to drive him to create groundbreaking content that captures the essence of the human experience.
Birth Date
September 19, 1995
Eddie Z
Birth City
Fort Lauderdale
Current City
Los Angeles
Broward County
Eye Color
Zodiac Sign
Love the Art in you
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