The Ecologico International Film Festival (EIFF) promote, through cinema, a reflection on contemporary society. It does this through film screenings, meetings with prominent personalities of culture and debates with the public. We do not suggest solutions, we simply stimulate change through individual awareness. We believe that the cultural development contributes to the creation of new opportunities for social and economic development for the people and the land, respectful of the rights of man and the environment.

- Taurus for the Best Feature
- Taurus Plate for the best Medium Lenght Film
- Taurus Plate for the Best Short Film
- Taurus Plate for the Best Italian Movie
- Taranta Movie for the best Film on the traditional folk culture of South Italy
- Mer Khamis Award for the best Film selected by critics

The Festival aims to discover and promote the independent film social national and international engaged on topical issues typical of contemporary society and of giving the public the opportunity to meet authors and works otherwise difficult to use and approved through traditional distribution channels.

2 – The Festival will take place in the city of XXXX in the month of December 2014 (dates and locations soon available on this website).

3 – The competition is open to all professionals and non-professionals (authors) who are at least 18 years of age. Entry to the competition is free. The entry form and disclaimer are fillable at

4 - The competition is open to movies dealing the following themes: Environment / Anthropology / Religious, ethnic, cultural cohabitation / Democracy / Diaspora / Human Rights / Diversity / Economics / War / Integration / Landscape / Equal Opportunity / Participation / Racism / Popular Traditions.

5 – The competition is divided into four sections: “International Film Competition”, “Italian Film Competition”, “Taranta Movies”, Mer Khamis Critics award.
To the “International Film Competition” can submit movies, of any kind, which deal in terms of the current relationship between social communities and between those with the environment, to protect and promote human rights, pluralist democracy and the rule of law, that promote awareness and enhancement of identity and cultural diversity in the world, the coexistence of different peoples, religions and ethnicities, indicating common solutions to the problems of contemporary society.
To the section “Debut Italian Movies” can submit movies released in Italy in 2012/2013 particularly working on topics of social relevance.
To the section “Taranta Movies” can submit movies documenting the traditions of Salento folk culture in its various expressions.

6 – Movies of every genre can be submitted .

7 – The contest “International Film Competition” has three different sections according to the duration of the film:
- Section Short Film (max. 15 minutes);
- Section Medium Length (between 16 and 50 minutes);
- Section features (over 51 minutes).

8 – Each author can participate with more than one work.

9 – Movies shot in any format can be submitted , in Italian or foreign language. Foreign movies must be subtitled in Italian or at the time of submission must be accompanied by a dialogue list with timecode in English.

10 – The entry form and disclaimer must be completed in all their parts, printed, signed and sent through the online service at address
Send the following files too:
- The film (supported formats: MPEG2, MPEG3, mpeg4, avi, mov)
- The trailer max 60 “(allowed formats: MPEG2, MPEG3, mpeg4, avi, mov)
- The photo of the director (jpeg, 300 dpi resolution)
- Two stills from the film (jpeg, 300 dpi resolution)
- Dialogue list with timecode
The files must be carried out no later than April 30, 2014.
It is possible, however, to send the above material also via mail using obligatorily the postal service with ordinary mail (registered mail will not be accepted) by sending an envelope to the following address:
Concorso EIFF 2014
Via Zanardelli 137 - Lecce 73100 - Italy