EcoSexEd is an animated TV series that explores the intersection of sex education and climate change. The series follows a high school student, Alex, as they learn about the impact of climate change on sexual health and explore ways to make sustainable choices that can help protect the environment and promote a healthy lifestyle.

Through engaging and informative episodes, Alex learns about the link between climate change and deforestation, the impact of food on fertility and climate change, the importance of access to contraception, and ways to make sexual activities more eco-friendly.

Along the way, Alex and their friends take action to address climate change and promote sexual health by organizing community events, supporting local organizations, and implementing sustainable practices at their school.

In episode 5, Mr. Johnson, Alex's sex education teacher, struggles to educate his teenage children about the importance of sustainable practices, highlighting the challenges of bridging generational gaps in environmental awareness.

In episode 6, the students embark on a beach cleanup initiative, but tensions arise when they discover that the cleanup is being sponsored by a major corporation with a questionable environmental record. The group must grapple with the ethics of accepting corporate support for their environmental activism, and they confront the difficulties of effecting meaningful change in a world where profit often takes precedence over sustainability.

Throughout the series, the primary characters continue to grow and develop, grappling with personal challenges related to relationships, identity, and activism. The show uses humor, heart, and important social and environmental messages to engage audiences of all ages and inspire action on issues related to sexual health and the environment.

EcoSexEd is a timely and relevant series that addresses important issues facing our planet and encourages viewers to make positive changes in their own lives.

The series mentor is Mr. Johnson , based on Dr. Zahi Ben Zion, leading sexologist, psychotherapist, lecturer and stand-up performer.
Dr. Ben Zion has the ability to bring knowledge in his funny unique way.

EcoSexEd can be considered a combination of educational, animated, and comedy genres. It aims to educate viewers on the important topics of sex education and climate change, while also using humor and animation to keep the audience engaged and entertained. The use of animation allows for creative storytelling and visual representations of complex topics, making it accessible for a wide range of audiences.

The series is in the stage of looking for a sponsor/production house

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