Easy way out

Easy Way Out follows three young men in high school in present day Atlanta, Georgia who are all at major crossroads in their lives; the first is Jordan Brown age 17 who is a basketball star who wants to make to make it to the pros to take care of his mother and baby sister, the second is Jamel King who is also 17 and is an aspiring comedian who is taking care of his alcoholic mother, and lastly Trey Davis age 18 who is following in his deceased father's footsteps as a drug dealer. Things go ari for them when Jordan finds out his highschool sweetheart Maria Sanchez is pregnant, and to help Jordan get financially prepared for the baby Trey recruits Jordan into selling drugs with him. “Neko” Petrov age 26 is both friend and foe, Trey sells drugs for him and he is romantically involved with their friend Kim Murray age 18 who is the class valedictorian. Kim is also addicted to drugs and steals from Neko and is killed after being found out. Hector Sanchez age 21, who is Maria's older brother, is Nekos second in command, until he gets robbed and is demoted by Neko and his position is given to Trey and Jordan. This causes Hector to have resentment and seek revenge against Trey, Jordan, and Jamel by trying to frame them for the murder of Kim but is killed in the process.

  • Larry Reeves
  • Michael Reeves
  • Project Type:
    Television Script
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
Writer - Larry Reeves, Michael Reeves