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EXes and WHY's

The Sprout and Aday families hilariously and sometimes a bit more solemnly, make up a modern American family. A divorcing couple who, because of financial constraints, cohabitate with their daughter, her infant and the baby's Father, who is hardly more than a stranger.

  • Sandra Doolittle Moreau and Billy Burgess
    Bent Neck, South of the Majors, De-Rezed
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    Television Script
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Sandra Doolittle Moreau and Billy Burgess

Sandra Doolittle is an actress and filmmaker known for her work on One Strange Happy (2018), Stalked (2015), and Woodstock or Bust (2019).

A native Oregonian, Doolittle graduated from Western Oregon State College and became a police officer at 21. One of very few women in the agencies for which she worked, Doolittle ascended to the rank of sergeant and became a trainer for her organizations as well as the Oregon State Police Academy. Her law enforcement career was ended by an injury incurred in the line of duty.

She turned to acting, took classes, joined an improv troupe, and worked as talent and crew for features and multiple series on NBC, Scripps Network, and Amazon Prime, and eventually launched her own production company, Doolittle Studios. The company has several projects in development. Doolittle draws on her previous professional background to serve as law enforcement consultant and weapons master on various projects.

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