EQUUS INTERNATIONAL is the premier venue for equine film, television and alt-media. Established in 2010, EIFF was the world's first all0equine film festival that was an outreach project of an equine rescue and adoption organization. Our mission is education and understanding to enhance the equine/human bond and to improve the welfare and well-being of all equines through excellence in film and television. EIFF celebrates filmmakers, storytellers, equestrians, and advocates for the horse and other equines. From documentaries to narrative features, music videos to animations, EIFF features a wide array of programming now being made with an equine focus.

EQUUS INTERNATIONAL is also part of an annual conference to foster and promote welfare and well-being of equines worldwide.

An annual film festival and conference, in 2017, EIFF featured the world renowned Monty Roberts who received the first-ever Equine Icon Award. This is an annual award that recognizes individuals who have had a dramatic impact on the equine/human bond.

This past year, hundreds of film goers, horse-lovers and so many others, filled the historic Roxy Theatre to enjoy award winning films and to participate in dynamic panels on critical and important equine issues ranging from wild horses to how horses are being used as therapeutic healers, to programs with veterans and youth.

Every year, we include a special focus on the role of the horse in Native American societies. This year, the Native America Humane Society was a partner with EIFF and together we are able to bring important speakers on critical equine issues to the festival.

Our Post Festival Touring Program, EIFF On the Trail, brings the best of EIFF to communities, towns and organizations around the country and around the world.

A not for profit, EIFF is a project of the parent organization, Horse Haven Montana. Our focus is on equine welfare, on education, and on the development and enhancement of the equine/human bond.

EIFF fills a niche in international and national film and media programming with an exclusive focus on the world of EQUUS, and all things equine. EIFF strives to be a tool for change, for promoting adoption, for raising awareness of critical issues in the equine world, and for celebrating the magnificence of the horse and those who tell their stories, embrace their spirit, and those whose lives are dedicated to all things equine.

The EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival is a four-day screening event, conference/symposium, held in the heart of the Northern Rockies, in the historic and charming town of Missoula, Montana. Missoula has often been called the Paris of the West for its beautiful atmosphere and warm and welcoming environment that is also very horse-centric. Missoula boasts an equestrian lifestyle, representing virtually all equine disciplines. Horses and mules are as much a part of daily life in Missoula as the mountains and there are many.

EIFF was launched in 2011 to give a voice to, to provide a venue and a platform for equine films and equine programming. The EQUUS INTERNATIONAL Film Festival celebrates, chronicle, and features films and other media that are equine-focused.

It is our goal to bring this programming into the public arena, to public audiences, to schools, to organizations, to government agencies, and to audiences worldwide who are interested in, who care about, who want to learn, and share the equine world.

Issues range from wild horses to homeless, abandoned animals, from equine genetics to our equine heritage, from the controversies that rage over issues in the equine arena, to ground-breaking advancements in equine science, health and veterinary medicine; from the therapeutic and health inspired roles that horses play, to governmental policies on equine issues; from the world-renowned mules of the US Forest Service, who have built parts of our nation to equestrian sports and performance, EIFF strives to be as diverse in its presentations, as the issues and topics that we face in the equine world.

Our EIFF mission is education & understanding to enhance the equine/human bond & to improve the welfare of the horse & other equines through excellence in film, television & other media. EIFF strives to brings films of diverse and differing viewpoints to the screen and to public audiences, here at home in Montana and around the nation and beyond. Our Post Festival Tours aim to reach around the U.S. and beyond. We strive to recognize, feature, and celebrate excellent equine films whose views may differ from our own but whose films are well made, who present a view, a subject, a topic or an issue, that may differ from others, but that are honest, accurate and inspire discussion and raise awareness.

Our sponsors and supporters, those who help to make this event possible, are those whom we feel present an ethical approach to the equine world; they understand and support our mission, though they may come from other fields and sectors --- commercial, nonprofit, for-profit, governmental, media, and others. These have includes guest ranches, private dude ranches, broadcasters, media organizations and many groups and organizations that support our mission and believe in our principles to promote education, responsible horse ownership and equine welfare. Please join us.

Awards and prizes include beautifully engraved glass awards and hand-carved wood awards, merit certificates and honorable mentions including extensive recognition.

All entries must be entered and received no later than August 30, 2020. We have extended the deadline for late entries due to Covid-19 and its impact on people and events worldwide.

Programs may be from any production year and by submitting, you give us the right for the program to be shown publicly at any EIFF hosted event, post festival tour (EIFF On the Trail), EIFF Conference or other. Full name recognition and extensive visibility and publicity across all social media and other communications platform, will be provided. Our focus is education and making the world a better place for horse and human.

Overall Rating
  • The festival staff were wonderful to work with. I had excellent communication and feedback through the process. Janet was exceptionally great. Thanks for screening my film, and thank you very much for the award of Best Montana Film!

    March 2019