Private Project

"EMBRACES & the touch of skin"

“EMBRACES & the touch of skin”
is an animated poem about the vital need for embraces and contact with other beings.

  • Sara Koppel
  • Sara Koppel
  • Sara Koppel
  • Sune Køter Kølster
  • Iben Hjejle
  • Molly Koppel
  • Anders Theilmann
  • Sara Koppel
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  • Runtime:
    2 minutes 42 seconds
  • Completion Date:
    March 21, 2019
  • Production Budget:
    0 USD
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  • Denmark
Director Biography - Sara Koppel

Sara Koppel / Copenhagen Denmark
Director & Animator
Started in the Danish Animation industry as 14 years old.
Creator of "Koppel Animation & Naked Love Film" 2002
Made 20 small handdrawn animated independent art film.
Currently working on a new 7 minutes
Handdrawn Animationfilm:
“2nd Day & The End of the World”
“Embraces & the Touch of Skin” March 2019
“1st day & next minute” November 2017
“Clitorissima” - 17th December 2015
“Seriously Deadly Silence” 2015
“Memories of an absent presence” 2013
"Little Vulvah & her clitoral awareness" 2013
- Shown at 100 International Festivals & received 9 Awards during 2014.
"Naked Love - Ea's garden" 2012
- Shown over 80 International Film Festivals & received 9 International Awards.
“Appetizer for Naked Love” 2012
"Walking between each other and it self" 2011
“Moving Women” 2010
“Love Sucks” 2009

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Director Statement

The Poem
"Embrace & the touch of skin"
The street is the liveliest place
It’s where I hope to end up
Or to just be -
I’m ever drawn out.
I’m delighted by weather,
and by chance meetings -
Every time I cross paths with a new being
I tingle with joy,
Overwhelmed by immediate bliss
at the sight of all these dear
Creatures, wandering as well,
Drinking in the air
And each other
Eyes meeting everywhere
Feet falling everywhere
Touching ground
Oh, to be that ground
Feeling these friends
caress your smooth cheek
Oh, to throw your arms
Around a stranger
A wonderful fall
In loving embrace
I was young to discover the longing for embrace
How the habitual untouching
Of others hurt
With a nervous sting
of longing for another
A noisy greed
at their sudden appearance
So I invented solutions
Fleeting quick-fixes
Others with more longevity
At times I felt
Like a trickster
At times i ‘still do.
A bona-fide con-artist
Grifting people
With twinkling eyes
blooming smiles
Stroking one’s cheek
Desirously seducing another
Indulging these cravings
Euphoria tickling the skin
That, our largest organ,
The skin.
That skin,
That body,
That mind.
Blood & bones & organs
Water & cells
A deep breath
A being
Quite simply missing
So I walk out the streets
to get some air
into this body
into this soul
into this skin
and I walk into others
taking in some of them
by giving up
some of myself