SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED. If you have a film you would like to enter, please contact us via email to request a deadline waiver.

The creative competition EATSA ARTLAB is an integral part of the EATSA Art & Tourism Film Festival and open to the participation of students, lecturers, professors and researchers from worldwide Universities.

The main goals of the competition are to:

• Foster cultural and creative expression through film;
• Promote audiovisual productions whose content is aligned with at least one of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) advocated by the UN;
• Contribute to the adoption of good social, business, and institutional practices in any of the above-mentioned areas;
• Promote the regeneration of the tourism industry through sustainability-driven models and practices;
• Bridge the gap between research and working industries.

The competition will award one “best film” per section (Educational, Research and Internship).

Posting of their film at the EATSA Art & Tourism Film Festival website.
Invitation to integrate the jury panel of the 2022 EATSA Art & Tourism Film Festival.
Screening of the film at the EATSA Art & Tourism Film Festival and at other related and subsequent events hosted (or co-hosted) by the organisation.
Submission of the film to a selection of 20 International Festivals (within the film’s thematic alignment), with payment of related fees.

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