Dynasty - Gemini

On the planet Uroa 5 dynasties finally lived in peace after a long war Elonor, white lady, discovers, to be the daughter of the king of black magicians, and to be in possession of dark powers. Elonor upsets the balance found, but has been the victim of a sort of infiltrating the dynasties and freeing the dark creatures.

  • Jasmine Scarpelli
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    English, Italian
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Writer Biography - Jasmine Scarpelli

I was born in Salerno on October 21st 1987 from a mother from Campania and a father from Calabria. My destiny is very different from that of my homonymous princess of Walt Disney, I never lived between the comforts and the vices of a royal life, but between the screams and the sacrifices of the common people. After obtaining a master's degree in Biology and Human Evolution at the University of Rome Tor Vergata, I woke up from that dream that the exams and student life imposes on you: there is no assured future for a graduate who does not want to dare and does not have the courage to cultivate one's passions. All my characters, all my subjects are partly me, the reflected mirror of a soul enclosed in a body ready to shine.My cover letter ends here, in these very few lines that contain a bit of my feeling for writing but also for acting. Theater and cinema are one of my greatest passions. Whether behind or in front of a camera, I don't care, the important thing is that everything in my mind takes life.

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