Drummer Boys

This screenplay takes place in Kentucky. It is May of 1862. The Civil War has been going on for a year now. Bert and Gawin are 12 years old, they are outside playing when they meet Sam, he is 14 going on 15 he was lost in the woods while he was searching for the soldier’s camp to become a drummer boy. Sam goes home with Gawin to have supper. After a few days, all three boys run away together to the soldier’s camp. On the way to their destination, Gawin hears his father’s voice. Gawin’s father and mother died in a train accident and left the farm and an account to Sarah and Gawin.

The boys learn how to march, play the drum to march by and learn the secret drum beats so the soldiers will know the commands that are being given by the commanders. The boys get to shoot a rifle, help the wounded off the battle field to the medical tent, and bury the dead. They go through pain and despair of growing up, and the heartache of war while serving as Drummer Boys. At the end of the war only two come home.

  • Adalene M Locke
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    Screenplay, Stage Play
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    History, Romance
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    United States
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Writer Biography - Adalene M Locke

Adalene M. Locke
I grew up in the area of Plymouth, Massachusetts. When I was a child, my sister, brother, and friends would put ourselves in different situations and act them out. Sometimes we would have the whole back yard as a battlefield. We would play until dusk. Then we would wonder if we did things differently what would of happened. We always used our imaginations.
I went to Mass Bay CC, Blue Ridge CC, and Pitt CC. I received my Associates degree in the Arts. I believe in dimensional portals, reincarnation, time slips, spirit guides,and I believe once we die in this world, we go into another dimension to get ready for our next life
I recently joined the Screenwriter’s group in Hendersonville, NC. I truly enjoy the group.
My husband and I reside in North Carolina.

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I love writing and seeing people's emotions when they read what I write.