The DRONe FESTIWAL is amazing and uniqe festival with movies recorded from the drones camera only, just all from air only.
The rules to qualify the movie:
- 70 % of movie have to be filmed by drone
- the movie, source shots are not older then 2016
The one participant is able to send 2 movies.
There are two rating categories:
Art – shots quality, clean, art, ...
Fun – dynamic, interesting shots, fun stories, challenge, etc ...
The three best movies will receive valuable prizes for each categories.
DRON FESTIWAL will have a grand finale at 13 may 2017 in Gdynia (PPNT center: Gdynia al. Zwyciestwa 96/98), where all day all movies will be played in cinema hall.
Prize giving ceremony will be at. 17.00 when the winners will be announced.
Durning this day (13.05.2017) we will organize the DRONe Race, interesting lectures, workshops, drone presentations and expo part...
... just drone festival - big event

Authors of best movies from 2 categories will receive value prizes

- 70 % of movie have to be filmed by drone
- the movie, source shots are not older then 2016

The whole movies have to be filmed by the author by using legal copyright to picture and sound. The rules have to be respected. On the other hand the movie will be deleted. The total responsibility for movie belongs to the participant.
If you send a move you will give permission to place it on Dron Festival website and Youtube.
We are able to place the whole movies during and after the Festival also in the shorter version.
DRON Festiwal is not only virtual festival on FilmFreeway - most of all - is in real place - final is in Gdynia at 13.05.2017.
All movies we download do hard disk and they are played in loop all this day in cinema hall for public.
Also all are accessible on our DRON Festiwal channel in YT:
Becouse of this we have to download a movie file.
Please send link to movie file (e.g. dropbox, wetransfer, etc).

Overall Rating
  • Mauro Pagliai

    Nice festival, very kind people.

    July 2016