Driving Hearts

Phoenix, young low-life-couple Ben and Stelli, struggling to make ends meet. Decide to go on the run in a desperate attempt to get their life in order. Which takes them across America.

BEN, driving a big six wheeler as a drugs mule, likes to smoke all day long. Besides being a trucker he works as bouncer at gentlemen’s club DOUBLE DUTCH. Both in contract by Harold “Hall Dahl" - a distributer for the Santa Ana Cartel.

Also working at the club is STELLI, who makes her pay as stripper. Hopeful waiting for a ticket out of this line of work.

For always being on the road, hooked on cocaine and have to watch Stelli sell her body, their relationships finds itself on thin ice.

Against the backdrop of their criminal affairs Stelli finds out she’s pregnant.

Realising they have to take matters into their own hands, for changing their lifestyle. They come up with a plan to start somewhere new.

Not even halfway through, the dream turns sour. Consequences at short hand, they have to become more determined than ever for finally finding peace.

  • Jaim Buijs
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    Crime, Drama
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Writer Biography - Jaim Buijs

Jaim Buijs fell in love with cinema at young age. During his time studying hospitality he couldn't stop thinking about it for one second. Even after graduation and being in the work field, his passion grew into an addiction. Fantasied about creating his own movies. Until ideas popped into his head, which eventually evolved to a complete story. He knew he had to write them down. Now for the very first time he submitted his creation to the world.

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Writer Statement

An intriguing film full of rich character and emotion, DRIVING HEARTS will explore the theme of determination and love, all written with blues ruining through its veins.

Set in a modern-day-western, to showcase heat hazes on the highway, endless blurred distances, danger close by, unpredictable for what will come. All driven by the force of blues music.

The camera will act as an observer, staying close on our characters, lingering on their journey, as small details built to a significant whole - moving towards a climax where we are floored by the emotional pay off. DRIVING HEARTS will stay with you long after the closing credits.