World War One - Jutland 1916. From the fog of war and grey wastes of the North Sea one man will emerge heroic from the greatest naval battle of all time. But which man is it?

  • Nick Wray
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    United Kingdom
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  • Shortlisted (semi-final) Screencraft 2018 Short Story with Cinematic Potential (two stories, 'Beach at Narbonne', and 'Machines for Singing'
    Los Angeles (in competitioin)
    January 15, 2019
  • 'Heart of Glass' shortlisted at Finsbury Theatre London 'Little Pieces of Gold 10 x 10' short play competition
    September 14, 2016
Writer Biography - Nick Wray

Nick Wray has written for the Independent, Screen Digest and Viewfinder, as well as other publications and media.

Nick's short play ‘Heart of Glass’ – based on two Tweets about Google Glass and wearable body sensors – was recently short-listed for production at the Park Theatre in London.

Nick has also recently completed ‘Dreadnought!’, a screenplay based on true events and real characters, about one the greatest naval conflicts of all time, known as the Battle of Jutland in WW1.

Nick has an MA in Interactive Media from the Royal College of Art and a degree in Experimental Psychology from UCL.

Nick's early polemic on the emerging digital world, 'The Living Garden’, won the ICL-Fujitsu prize for innovation and can be found online via Google.

Nick's short story collection 'Lunch with Jason King' - short stories & bedtime tales about the past, present & future of the Digital Age - can be downloaded here: www.lunchwithjasonking.com Two of these - 'Machines for Singing' and 'The Beach at Narbonne' were recently short-listed (as semi-finalists) in Screencraft's 'Short Story with Cinematic Potential Competition.

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