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Dr. Jo and Mary

When Mary Mallon escapes the poverty and death devastating Ireland, she immigrates to the United States with dreams of becoming a cook. Except when she starts to cook, her clients begin to die. When she is discovered to be the first known typhoid carrier in America, she is hunted down by Dr. Josephine Baker. Imprisoned and subjected to testing at the whim of the Department of Health, a trial bankrolled by William Randolph Hearst attempts to free Mary. Briefly released, only to be captured again by Dr. Baker, she is forced into a lifetime of exile as the infamous Typhoid Mary.

  • Elizabeth Solan, MD
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    United States
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Writer - Elizabeth Solan, MD
Writer Statement

I would like to submit my screenplay, Dr. Jo and Mary, a historical drama based on her life for your consideration. I have meticulously researched this script because, as a physician, Mary’s predicament as the first real Patient Zero has long fascinated me. Typhoid Mary was indeed lethal, but her life holds important lessons about contagion and quarantine that are even more relevant in the time of COVID.