I am a multi-disciplinary visual artist, writer, producer and an honored single mother of 3. Back in 2018, I created a 3ft sculptural piece for an art show. That sculpture was Dr. Apples: A witch doctor I’d imagine creating years before but never got to it. During the art show, people were curious about my character’s backstory. I did not have one. This prompted me to develop one for him. With the creation of the character and his story, I fell more and more in love with him because I could integrate my life’s experiences and culture into developing an intriguing universe!
Storytelling is one of the oldest artforms known to humans. It is a vehicle to give, seek, and even control information. As an African American female, I cannot help but consider all of the ancestral narratives that were lost during the African diaspora. But there are still glimmers and fragments that are rising into the light of today’s information age and the vernacular of folklore is being given the attention it needs. Enter my dark fantasy about Dr. Apples. It’s a story about a 95-year-old African American male whose mother, a sorceress who practiced Voodoo and Hoodoo in New Orleans, was kidnapped by fairies. And since his mother’s disappearance he has done everything in his power to find her, but in the process, he has the opportunity to find himself.
Each year for the past seventy-five years he has received a doll from the fairies that has some aspect of her. Dolls have been used for centuries as devices of domestication. They represent a subtle way to control and condition a person; a nonverbal form of storytelling. Girls learn from a young age they are supposed to take care of the dolls in preparation to take care of a living child when they grow up. For Dr. Apples, the fairy-made dolls are a fragment of his mother’s soul, his lost history, a map to her discovery, and a map to discovering himself.
I am a self-taught multidisciplinary, intersectional artist, working in a variety of media from storytelling, to sculpture, to animation. The mission is to articulate the folklore of Dr. Apples through various forms of media.
This project is an ongoing expression of my own heritage and ancestry. Directing more and more people to marginalized narratives that have been pushed aside and rewritten under colonialism is imperative in today’s world. I have made immense amounts of sacrifices to be where I am today and expanding Dr. Apples with his mix of southern vernacular, culture, and folktale to the masses will be a highlight of my career. Join us in finding his mother.
Keep Going.