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Down to the Felt PITCH

With the deck stacked against him and life calling his bluff, a compulsive, underdog gambler makes a desperate deal with a psychopathic hitman to kill him in two weeks. But then, life suddenly starts dealing him aces.

  • Jon Osbeck
  • Dino Tripodis
  • Ralph Scott
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  • Genres:
    Action, Dark Comedy
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  • Country of Origin:
    United States
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  • First-time Screenwriter:
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  • Los Angeles International Screenplay Awards
    Los Angeles, CA
    November 30, 2022
  • Portland Screenplay Awards
    Portland, OR
    May 18, 2023
  • First 10 Pages Showcase
    California, USA
    March 31, 2023
    Official Selection
  • AFM22 Live Pitch Competition
    Santa Monica, CA
    November 5, 2022
Writer Biography - Jon Osbeck, Dino Tripodis, Ralph Scott

An award-winning filmmaker, producer, and actor, Jon has been working in film and television production both behind and in front of the camera for over 20 years. His independent feature film MINUS ONE (Winner, Best Narrative Feature, GI Film Festival), is now available on Amazon Prime Video and Tubi. As a writer-director, Jon’s work has been featured on the Independent Film Channel and garnered awards at festivals around the world, including his most recent short film SUPPER (Winner, World Premiere Film Awards). In the corporate world, Jon has served as a writer, producer, director, videographer, animator, and editor on hundreds of commercials, voiceovers, and industrials. He recently went back to Capital University to complete a B.A. in Film and Journalism, graduating summa cum laude. As a film actor, Jon can currently be seen in the Tom Hanks film A MAN CALLED OTTO, and as a series regular in the Amazon original series A LEAGUE OF THEIR OWN. Jon has worked with top directors such as Todd Haynes, Marc Forster, Emilio Estevez, Andrew Neel, and DOWNTON ABBY’s Andy Goddard.

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Writer Statement

I grew up Jewish in a gentile neighborhood. I'm the younger of two boys to a single mom. That all came with its share of challenges. Pennies were thrown at me at school, followed by “Pick it up, Jew!” A swastika on my gym locker was actually lit on fire. I carried the self-inflicted shame of coming from a “broken” family. It felt like everything was about division and differences, and I felt alone. But when I was creating stories that I would act out with my action figures and capture on film, I could escape. I could be the hero.

In high school, I was so fortunate to have a drama teacher who saw me. He really saw me and then taught me how to channel all my angst, loneliness, and fears into something wonderful. I grew to understand how truth and honesty in acting could help me grow as an artist and human being.

Starting as an actor was my stepping stone to becoming a writer and director. Having worked on professional film and television sets with actors and directors at the top of their game gave me a front-row seat to see how the sausage is made and fueled my passion for telling stories through film. Over 20 years ago I wrote and directed my first short film on a Sony Hi-8 Camcorder and haven’t stopped since. And while the technology has changed, the passion has not.

As a narrative filmmaker, I examine family, friendship, love, dashed dreams, self-doubt, and what can happen when they all amazingly intersect, allowing audiences to temporarily forget their worries while connecting with compelling characters and storylines that will remind them of their own strength and resilience. It can be a high-octane, laughter-induced ride or a thought-provoking, meaningful contemplation about the human spirit. But it is always about connecting.

Watching movies as a kid was not just a way to escape and be entertained, it gave me a better understanding of the world around me. With my films I strive to first entertain, but maybe, just maybe, I can also help someone feel less alone.