THE FESTIVAL OF DOTS is an annual Christian visual and performance arts festival based in Nairobi. The festival features an eclectic collection of music, dance, poetry, photography and fine arts, film and stage plays. The festival also contains a mini conference and workshops. All activities are held across 4-6 venues.

The vision is to empower Christian film makers and Christian film creation. The Festival accepts films of all lengths and genres and is passionate about showing the most innovative work, and films that challenge the boundaries of filmmaking. The spirit of the DCFF is one of unity, friendship and Christian cooperation. Its aim is to reveal and focus attention on works of quality in order to contribute to the evolution of motion picture arts and to encourage development of the Christian film industry throughout Kenya and Africa.

The 2016 Dots Film Festival took place at the Pan Africa Christian University main campus, Lumumba Drive, Roysambu, Nairobi Kenya on Friday 16th and Saturday 17th December 2016.

The Dots Film Festival is a project of The Festival of Dots and the Dots Village, organized and managed by the festival committee through the film festival manager, E. M. Mwangi. By entering the festival, you will be agreeing to all the rules and regulations stated by the festival committee.

• Best Short Film [3 minutes – 40 minutes]
• Best Animation
• Best Comedy
• Best Documentary/Docudrama [ not exceeding 60 minutes]
• Best Experimental/Avant-garde Film [not exceeding 7 minutes]
• Best Student Film

• Best Film
• Best Picture
• Best Director
• Best cinematography
• Best Production Design
• Best Editing
• Best Sound design [mixing, editing, etc]
• Best Screenplay
• Best Lighting Design

NB: Unless otherwise updated by the festival committee, the awards in the festival DO NOT include prize money. Certificates and any other reward deemed necessary will be given.

Upon Submission, industry professionals will review, rate and select the entries for awards and screening based on the following criteria:

• QUALITY OF NARRATIVE [Spiritual statement]: – how well does the movie express a relevant issue from a Christian worldview?
• PRODUCTION VALUE [Technical merit]: – how well is the movie directed filmed, edited, etc?
• CREATIVITY – how creative and artistic is the movie?
• ORIGINALITY – Is the story new and fresh?

We take submissions through FilmFreeway -

The Festival of Dots is open to anyone, anywhere around the world and we encourage people to go out be creative and make great films. Individuals, Churches, Companies and organizations are all encouraged to take part.

1. Films must highlight the year 2016 FESTIVAL OF DOTS THEME, “Multitudes of One.”
2. All films must be submitted via
3. Must be uplifting and/or carries Christian values
4. Must be Family Friendly
5. No nudity or sexually explicit scenes
6. No offensive language
7. Strong violence is prohibited
8. No horror films
9. All non-English Films must have English Subtitles
10. This is not a contest. Films chosen for screening are done so at the sole discretion of Dots Film Festival management.
11. If rules are broken, you will be automatically disqualified and will have to resubmit your film/video(s). By submitting your film, you give us full permission to download a digital copy of your video, as well as playing it during the festival days via projector, online and any additional screenings The DCFF may have. Some prizes may be granted based on the number of entries, donations and sponsors received. The DCFF reserves the right to reject any submissions.
12. The Festival reserves the right to place films into alternative categories other than the one selected by the filmmaker, if it feels it is to the benefit of the filmmaker. This will be discussed with those relevant before any decision is made.
13. Your film must not be available in full online or have been shown on another medium e.g. TV. If your film is available in full on YouTube, etc. then it will be automatically withdrawn from the competition. Excerpts of your film, totaling no more than ten percent of its running time are exempt from this rule. A documentary is also exempt in that it can have screened on another medium, but again not online.
15. The Festival reserves the right to use extracts from submissions for TV coverage or any other publicity that is used in the promotion of the Festival.

Overall Rating
  • Matthew Ramsaur

    I did not attend this festival but my two of my films were accepted. The free entry is a great plus for filmmakers who want to enter multiple films to the festival. The one thing that I was a little frustrated with was the lack of communication. I got several notifications about my films and sent an email asking some questions and never heard anything back.

    January 2017
  • A wonderful festival and I'm so happy to be a part of it. My only suggestion would be that they improve their communication with the filmmakers. I never received a formal notification my film was selected and that it also received an award. I would send emails inquiring and never hear back. I would later find out by checking their Facebook page. However, it's a wonderful festival and I'm looking forward to next year!

    December 2016

    I was very excited to have my film selected by this festival. There were so many great Christian films amongst the ranks. I'm sure it was hard for them to finalize the winning list. There was a slight hiccup with the notification date, but their communication was 100% effective. They provide great updates on their social media platform to keep the masses informed. I was very pleased with their interaction. Ultimately, I'm thankful that they considered my film as a selection. Merry CHRISTmas DOTS family.

    December 2016