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Don't retire, Be suspended

Saurav Tripathi, an employee of the Bureau of Indian Standards, and an aspiring screenwriter assists an employee named Ramesh Babu who is back on the job after 35 years of suspension and will retire after a month of tenure.
While assisting, he writes a screenplay based on Ramesh’s agony, but the climax turns out of his fiction when he sees Ramesh's prosperity. He considers Ramesh as his ideal and wants to be suspended in the same way so that he can focus on his writing career but after all his efforts, he gets promoted instead of being suspended and gets busier. His wife believes that the beginning of life for any two men may be the same, but the end is always different for every human being.
At the end of the story, he becomes a spiritual master rather than a screenwriter and inadvertently makes his wife's words come true.

  • Amjad Khan Khan
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Writer Biography - Amjad Khan Khan

I am an independent screenwriter from Pune. Mostly focussed on feature films, comedy, fiction, ads, stories writing for 20 years. I run my own youtube channel named ‘auk filmmaker’ where all the released movies are written and produced by myself and I also provide content for other youtube channels.
My screenplay for the feature film ‘The tenant’ is processed with some of the reputed production houses and the teaser is released on youtube -

My short movies ‘Where Is God’, ‘The Hope’ and ‘The Tip’ are known for their content and can watch on my youtube channel -
Auk filmmaker link -
Email -
WhatsApp +91 9960096658

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I try to transform my life experience into fiction and films help to turn my fiction into an experience. I have met three suspended men in my life and listened to the experience of all three and thought why don't I feel suspended because they did a better job during the suspension. I am a writer and often don't get the time to write, should I be suspended?
But in real life, it is not possible to suspend oneself, so I thought to write 'Don't retire, Be suspended', to feel a suspended men’s life. What is left now? you would feel suspended while watching the film.