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Video Nasty

VHS meets Creepshow. A single mother working for a failing realtor attempts to save the business when it comes into financial trouble by trying to sell four problem properties they can’t seem to sell. Each property has a sinister backstory attached to it. These are their stories:

Witch Hunt
On his way home through an isolated country road with no lighting and no phone signal, a failing screenwriter is stranded when his car breaks down and hunted by a witch.

The Urge
A father and husband is attacked and afflicted with a vampire-like curse in which he has to satiate his hunger with sex, the catch being that whomever he has sex with will die as a result.

Giggles the Clown
A young man moves out on his own into his first home, inheriting the furniture left behind by a previous owner, including the bed. He is subsequently preyed upon by Giggles the Clown, a demonic entity haunting the bed.

Miles Underfoot
When a tormented man takes a job as a fire lookout, he is stalked and tormented by a sinister presence in the woods

  • Kyle Gray
    Official Selection After Hour Film Festival
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    Horror, anthology, thriller, creepy, scary, disturbing, paranormal, demonic
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    United Kingdom
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Writer - Kyle Gray