Don't Be Hasty

If you saw Will at work, you wouldn't think much of him: ragged grey movers overalls, sarcastic attitude - not many people would guess that he's a gifted artist. And that's just his problem. Nobody believes in him.

That all changes one day when Will finally gets that final push to show his art to Morgan - the uptight studio manager he works for. After finally twisting his arm hard enough, Will approaches Morgan only to be shot down. "It's great. Unfortunately it's just not a good fit for what we have going on right now."

Will leaves work dejected. Heading out to a local diner with close friend Ness and - after a heated interaction with the waitress ( the same waitress who previously served a meatless burger for "not specifying protein") - Will opens up about his rejection from Morgan. While eating Will almost doesn't notice a bizarre figure outside the window, brushing it off.

Initially, Ness tells him to stick with it, but after offering some job alternatives its clear Will is deeply annoyed by this setback. He hurries home where he examines his rejected piece of art. He stares at it, then in rage destroys his piece and work station with his bare hands.

The next day, Will arrives at work to see an enormous promo sign outside the studio with HIS ARTWORK on it. He rushes inside to confirm his accusation with his coworker – bu the does not see the similarity. Then, when Will directly confronts Morgan about it, she too doesn’t see the similarity either. However, Will quickly drops the argument because Morgan has had a change of heart...

Morgan tells Will that she’s managed to convince the studio to give one of Will’s pieces a chance. Perfect, right? Wrong! That one piece is in a million pieces after last night. Will doesn’t tell Morgan this though and takes the opportunity even though he has nothing to give her.

Will contemplates even attempting to recreate the piece in such a short time. After a pep talk from Ness and a very, very late night working, he finally has a piece of artwork worthy of the studio.

Reborn with energy and enthusiasm for life, Will jumps into a Lyft and heads for the studio. Or does he? Chase, the unnerving Lyft driver, takes Will on a very unusual route and when Will
finally protests Chase exposes a secret. Luckily, police quickly arrive on the scene and apprehend Chase (a criminal who stole this Lyft)

Will is released after the misunderstanding is cleared up, with time still to make it to the showing, but he’s unable to access his paintings in the car until the car has been examined. Will tries to fight for his case but the officers don’t take kindly to his aggressive attitude – so Will relents.

With no other option, Will phones Morgan trying to explain the situation, but she quickly ignores his excuses when she hears he’s not coming.

Will is left at the side of the road with no hope or help, questioning what his next move is.

  • David Smith
  • Robert Lewis
  • Project Type:
    Screenplay, Short Script
  • Number of Pages:
  • Country of Origin:
    United States
  • Language:
  • First-time Screenwriter:
  • Student Project:
Writer - David Smith, Robert Lewis