The Doko Film Fest is about high school age film makers from across the USDA and other countries showcasing their films to a live audience. It is a competitive showcase event with awards given.

Everyone that is invited to show their film at the Fest, gets a Doko Film Fest Laurel that they can attach to their CV and future film work to show that they were a finalist at the Film Festival.

It's a place where the film makers interact with the audience and other film makers to explain their film, and to receive reaction and comment on their work.

Film makers and others attending will be able to participate in masterclasses on film making topics led by professional film makers.

At the end of the Film Fest, awards will go to the best film in each film category as well as the best Doko Film Fest film.
Film categories are:
- Short story (2 to about 10 minutes long)
- Documentary (2 to about 10 minutes long)
- Music Video (2 to about 10 minutes long))
- Comedy (2 to about 10 minutes long)
- Animation (1 to about 3 minutes long)
- Pocket Studio (all made by smart phone) (2 to about 10 minutes long)

Each film must be at least 2 minutes long, but no longer than about 10 minutes. Except the animation which is 1 minute to about 3 minutes long.

Doko Film Fest judges will select the best 3 films of each category to be shown at the festival event, invitations will be sent to those film makers to invite them to attend the screening of their films and the award ceremony.

Also, if you are interested in attending some short interactive free live webinars on film making skills, please contact me to get your name on the list: and follow us on facebook @dokofilmfest

A "Doko" will be awarded to each winner in each award category.
The best film overall will be aired at a special screening at the following Beaufort International Film Festival and the Director will be invited to attend and talk about the film and hang around with some cool people.

Award categories are:
- Best Short Story
- Best Documentary
- Best Music Video
- Best Comedy
- Best Animation
- Best Pocket Studio Production
- Best Festival Film

The festival is open to any film completed by young film makers aged between 15 and 18 at the time of submitting the film.

**All film makers under the age of 18, will need to get their parent or guardian's permission to submit the film and be invited to the Doko Film fest, should the film be selected for public screening, without this permission, we will be unable to consider the film for inclusion into the festival**

This is the link to our parent/guardian permission form: If you cannot link to a form, please contact me at: and I will send you one.

Films may only be submitted thorough FilmFreeway, and Doko Film Fest only accepts digital submissions.

Online screeners are preferred until notification of acceptance, at which time a HD Digital version will need to be sent to the Doko Film Fest. Entries are accepted in .mp4 or .mov format.

By submitting a film, the submitter grants the Doko Film Fest the right to use any film or part of a film submitted to promote the festival. The individual or entity submitting the film warrants that it is authorized to commit the film for screening, and understands and accepts these requirements, rules, and regulations.

The Doko Film Fest reserves the right to refuse entries, or to reject any film or screenplay that contains prohibited content or in its sole discretion Doko Film Fest deems offensive or inappropriate.

Only the Producer, Director, Screenwriter or someone closely connected to the film may complete the application. Schools may submit films on behalf of student filmmakers in the Student Category.

The submitter agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Doko Film Fest from and against any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, and expenses (including but not limited to attorney's fees, and court costs) which may be incurred by reason of any claim involving copyright, trademark, credits and publicity.

Please select the correct category while submitting to avoid disqualification. We reserve right to re-assign films to the appropriate category.

By submitting a film to the Doko Film Fest, you are accepting these rules and conditions in their entirety.

Overall Rating
  • Wasn't able to attend but very friendly communication and will be submitting again in the future

    December 2020
    Response from festival:

    Thanks Brendon, thanks for your kind review. I hope that you will be attending our fest one day. I look forward to seeing your film when it is ready. Ray

  • I had a wonderful experience with the Doko Film Festival. Though I wasn't able to attend, I actually live-streamed in for a Q&A after the film screening. The organizers communicated well, and it was actually a very enlightening experience for a filmmaker. I highly recommend!

    March 2020
  • Just unbelievable! Doko Film Fest has to be one of the best film festivals there is out there! Amazing staff and an unforgettable experience!

    July 2019
  • Luke Evans

    Amazing experience! Go check it out!!!!

    May 2019
  • great experience I cannot wait to enter my next film

    May 2019