DocuMed - DocuMed - Mediterranean Documentary Film Festival in Tunisia, organized annually by the Documentary Tunisian Cinema Association, offers a panorama of documentary production in Mediterranean countries during the last 2 years. It distributes creative documentary films from countries around the Mediterranean devoted to societal and political issues as well as to anthropological and cultural aspects of the region. Its aim is to promote the influence and distribution of documentary films and to encourage exchanges between professionals, creators and the public in a spirit of openness to anthropological, cultural and social diversity.
The objectives of DocuMed:
 Demands belonging to the world, opening up to the Maghreb, Arab and Mediterranean geographic and cultural context.
 Moves towards the countries around the Mediterranean in a spirit of openness to anthropological, cultural and social diversity.
 Affirms its anthropological dimension and its links with the disciplines of social sciences in the cinematographic production approaches and the themes addressed.
 Promotes exchange, helps thinking and gives food for thought by providing access to representations of Tunisian realities and the world.
 Carries humanist values, based on openness to other cultures, freedom of creation and sharing.

Article 1:
May be subject to the selection of DocuMed- Mediterranean Documentary Film Festival in Tunisia any short or long documentary film.

Article 2:
Participation in the selection is completely free.
Selected films will be graciously presented during the Festival. Participation in DocuMed- Mediterranean Documentary Film Festival in Tunisia implies the authorization of projection of the films in room during all the duration of the Festival.

Article 3:
Only films fulfilling the following conditions will be admissible:
- The film must have been produced during the last two years preceding the edition of the festival.

Article 4:
Films already submitted in previous editions are not eligible.

Article 5:
Only one film per participant will be admitted throughout the entire edition.

Article 6: Films must be subtitled in French, if necessary, in English.

Article 7:
The registrant declares to be actually author or entitled to the registered work, and to be the holder of all rights of ownership.

Article 8:
For online registration forms, the application must include the following elements:
- The registration form duly completed in French or in English
- The regulation (scanned) initialed on each page and signed
- The film subtitled in French and / or English (on DVD or blu-ray or in connection of watching)

In case of selection of the film, the file complements mentioned below will be requested
- A poster of the film (format A3 - in portrait, 300dpi in JPEG), including all the necessary information (director, title, actors, producer, etc.).
- A photo of the director
- Photographs of the film (300 dpi in JPEG).
- A Word document including: a synopsis of 5 lines in French and English
- A biography of the director of 10 lines in French and English.
- A watch link for a teaser.

Article 9:
Registration will only be validated upon receipt of all documents. Any incomplete file will be automatically refused without recourse.

Article 10:
The registration for the Mediterranean Premier Documentary Film Festival is final and irrevocable from the registration of the application file thus giving full rights to the organizers to include it in their programming.

Article 11:
The selection of films for the Festival is established by a selection committee designated by the Premiere Mediterranean Documentary Film Festival. The decisions of this committee are final.

Article 12:
In case of selection, the Festival accepts the following projection formats:
- media in digital files (via internet or hard disk, USB key, DVD or Blu-Ray)
- the DCP supports.
The producer / director agrees to provide a version of sufficient quality. The Festival agrees to take the utmost care and reserves the right to extract film that would be used.

Article 13:
Selected films will eventually be used in special screening sessions "Beyond the walls" of the DocuMed - Mediterranean Documentary Film Festival in Tunisia.

Article 14:
The Organizing Committee reserves the right to use excerpts of the films and to broadcast on television channels, on websites, as well as on social networks for the promotion of the Festival.
The data provided during registration will be used in various publications and may be subject to translations, corrections or modifications prior to their publication.

Article 15:
The signatory of the present regulations certifies that he is entitled to the film and has informed the other potential heirs, and certifies to benefit from all the legal authorizations of these. By delegation, all rights holders therefore accept this regulation in its entirety.
By signing the official registration form of the competition, the producer and the author of the work accept the above rules in their entirety.