The Diversity Showcase recognizes scripts, books, short stories & stage plays in any genre that feature a Writer or a story about a Lead Character from an under-represented community.

"Under-represented" may include race, gender, sexual orientation, religious group, political affiliation, or physical or mental challenges.


*Feature film screenplays - up to 160 pages
*Television scripts - up to 90 pages
*Short scripts - up to 25 pages
*Stories in any genre
*Produced or unproduced

*Fiction or narrative nonfiction
*Any length
*Stories in any genre
*Published or unpublished

*Any length
*Stories in any genre
*Produced or unproduced

Must include:
*Name(s) of writer(s)
*If an adaptation, also include the title & writer(s) of the source material
*If a true story, also include the name of the person or the event the story is based on or inspired by

Note: The Diversity Showcase is conducted exclusively online.

WINNER - One (1) Winner will receive:
*$3,500 cash prize
*Winner Laurel

OFFICIAL SELECTIONS - Stories chosen as Official Selections will receive:
*Official Selection Laurel

*Entrant(s) must be 18 years of age or older.
*All entries must be in English.
*All entries must be submitted in PDF format. No exceptions.
*Scripts/manuscripts/plays must be in standard format. No exceptions.
*Both produced and unproduced scripts/plays are eligible.
*Both published and unpublished books/manuscripts are eligible.
*Both represented and non-represented writers are eligible.
*Teams of writers are eligible.
*Stories that have previously won a competition are eligible.
*Substitutions of corrected pages, revised material, or new drafts, require a new entry and payment.
*We DO NOT offer deadline extensions.
*We DO NOT offer fee waivers or discounts.
*We DO NOT offer individual feedback on submissions.
*All submission payments are final. We do not provide refunds.
*By submitting a story you confirm that you own the rights to the material submitted.
*By submitting an adapted story, you confirm that you have permission from the copyright-holder or the material is available in the public domain.
*By submitting a story you confirm that you have read and agree to our eligibility and rules.
*Judges decisions are final.


Do I need to include a title page with my submission?
Yes. A title page is required.

What information do I need to include on the title page?
The title page MUST include:
*Title of Story
*Name of Writer(s)
*Contact information is optional (and not required)
*For adapted stories, also include: Based On [Title and Writer]
*For true stories, also include: Based on [Name of Person or Event]

What format do you accept for submissions?
All entries must be submitted in PDF format. No exceptions.

Do I have to include a Copyright or WGA registration number with my submission?
No, it is not required.

Do you accept international submissions?
Yes, we welcome international writers. All submissions must be in English.

Can I enter more than one story in a showcase?
Yes, multiple submissions are accepted. Each submission requires a separate entry.

Can I submit a story under a pen name?
Yes. If you use a pen name, be sure to include and indicate your pen name on the title page.

If I rewrite my story after entering the showcase can I submit my new draft?
Yes, new drafts of submitted stories are accepted with a separate entry and fee payment.

Can I send a paper copy of my story to your mailing address?
No. We do not accept paper copies.

Why do you ask for a Writer Bio and what should I include?
Winning writers may have their profiles and story logline included on the website, therefore, we collect writer bios at the time of submission. Your bio has no impact on the judging process. Simply share what you feel we should know about you. This may include your writing accolades, training, and experience, as well as any current and past projects.

Is there a way I can enter the showcase for free? Do you provide fee waivers for writers with financial hardships?
No, we do not offer fee waivers of any kind.

What if I change my mind about entering the showcase after making payment, can I receive a refund?
No, we do not offer refunds for any reason. No exceptions. Be sure to carefully read and verify your submission meets all criteria prior to entry.

Where does the money go for the entry fee?
Entry fees are used to pay professional readers, administrative expenses, and delivery costs.

Does the entrant retain rights to the submitted story?
Yes, entrants retain all the rights to their works.

If I win will I have to assign any rights to story, or any percentage of sales or future profits?
Absolutely not. Entrants retain all the rights to their works. Neither Rebel Seed Entertainment LLC ("Ink & Cinema") nor its readers, judges or sponsors will attach themselves to your material as a condition of you being designated a winner, nor will we demand any percentage of any sales you make as a result of entering or winning a showcase.

Can anyone have access to the story once submitted?
No, submissions are only accessible to the assigned reader, judges, and our staff. Rebel Seed Entertainment LLC ("Ink & Cinema") owns no rights to the submitted material and will not distribute your publicly publicly in any way.

How will you use my contact information?
Rest-assured, we will never sell or rent your contact information to anyone.

Who are your readers ?
All of our readers have significant experience and credentials in the industry. They have worked for production companies, studios, managers, publishers, agents, and talent.

How can you guarantee my submission will be reviewed and receive a fair chance?
Rest-assured all entries are carefully considered.

Can I talk with a reader or judge about my submission? Do you provide notes or feedback?
The showcase does NOT offer feedback or notes of any kind on individual submissions.

When will I receive notification about my submissions placement in the showcase?
All entrants will receive notification of their placement in the showcase, with a link to the announcement page via email once a winner has been selected (see "Notification Date" in the "Dates & Deadlines" section).

When will I received my recognition laurel?
“Official Selection” and ‘Winner” laurels are distributed after judging is complete and winners have been announced. Winners receive a “Winner” laurel. Official Selections receive an “Official Selections” laurel. You will receive an email with a link to access and download the online laurel.

Overall Rating
  • It was an honor for "Ash" to be selected in Diversity Showcase's immensely important competition.

    December 2022
  • Ignacio Trujillo

    Thank you for the honor of being a part of the Diversity festival. I hope you enjoy my documentary and it is useful for the viewers.
    Ignacio Trujillo.

    September 2021
  • Alexandre de Villeneuve

    Thank you for promoting and encouraging diversity !

    August 2021
  • It's great to participate in a film festival that emphasizes diversity.

    September 2020
  • Sai Saripella

    Was named a winner and had another script make finalist. Didn't even have the person who set this up reach out to me to say hey.

    I guess I should've known better, they truly did the exact bare minimum described in the prizes section. My biggest takeaway is how stupid I am for not making my own script contest, slapping "diversity" or some other buzzword on it, and marketing it all over the online writing community. I bet I could make some killer cash and I wouldn't really even have to read any of the scripts or contact any of the outsiders/losers naive enough to spend money on small time showcases like this.

    August 2020
    Response from festival:

    Dear Sai

    I am sorry to learn you feel you had a negative experience being named a winner and official selection in the Diversity Film & Script Showcase. I welcome critical feedback that allows us to address specific concerns writers and filmmakers may have with the competition so we may continue to improve everyone's experience.

    It's surprising to receive a 1-star review for the single issue you state, which is that no one reached out to you personally about your placement in the showcase, especially since you did not raise that concern when one of our team members engaged with you privately. Every submitter is notified about placement through the Film Freeway platform, and also receives ongoing communication directly from Ink & Cinema.

    While I sense your frustration about disreputable competitions that may exist, the accusations in your review have no connection to the Diversity Film & Script Showcase. Ink & Cinema, along with providing free resources for writers & filmmakers, organizes legitimate niche competitions to showcase scripts and films that may not otherwise receive recognition. The showcase is going into its 5th year and, like the other competitions we sponsor, receives many positive reviews from submitters.

    Many writers value including their winner or official selection laurel when pitching their scripts to producers, executives and managers - specifically because of the fact that we run "small showcases" that focus on niche stories and genres. While we do not provide the cache of a "big-name competition" placement, our showcases do provide the benefit of being identified as one of the best-of-the-best within a specific niche (identifying the best diversity scripts out of exclusively diversity script submissions lends validity to the recognition).

    We honor every item stated in the entry form. Rest-assured all scripts are read, and every film is viewed. The competition is not marketed anywhere, and certainly not "all over the online writing community" (the opportunity to submit is offered exclusively to the Ink & Cinema community, and we list the competition only on Film Freeway and our website).

    I have reached out to you personally should you wish to discuss this further, and to discover what your specific expectations of the competition are and if I may be able to assist you.