Dear filmmaker,

we kindly ask you for a few minutes of your time to read this message.

Diversions celebrate love, passion, and enthusiasm to film medium and art.
Think about everything that passion stands for and means to you. Think about all you gave and sacrificed to be able to call yourself a filmmaker. A life explorer. Think about all the people you met, all the hands you shook in order to make any of your shots possible. Think about all the messy shots, all the long nights, failures and all the times you wanted to quit. But you didn't. You devoted yourself to be a seeker of stories about what we are built from and what we are in our very nature.

Think about what defines you and what defines us in this particular moment in time? What surrounds you?

Your answer is your film and it should be expressed gently, with care and kindness, delicately, amusingly. Be playful as a child.

This is what WE celebrate in YOU, so don't ever stop.

All the devoted filmmakers who struggle, push their efforts and give their best to transcend their stories on the silver screen are our heroes.

Their pieces of memories, stories which inspire the freedom of thought and freedom of heart are the gems we wish to screen and put into a museum of collective memory.

We are moved and inspired by your wondering and wandering presence and will carefully watch your spectacles and give our best to treat your artwork with utmost respect.

We are goofy, completely out of the box, unconventional and somewhat bonkers and we are genuinely proud of it - but with this attitude, we hope to inspire each other in the exchange of experiences, ideas and sparks of mutual appreciation.

As usual, we don't give a damn if you are an amateur, professional, experienced filmmaker with an important "name", student, a talented offspring, a granny with a camera - heck, you can be a giraffe with a camera - as long as we are completely in love with your film.

This is what we care about.

As for filmmakers, our mission extends to others as well - if you are a festival, organization, Film School, individual, patron, sponsor - whoever you are... Hit us an email if you find our beliefs equally important for the community.
We like to collaborate with others, we like to be friends. It doesn't have to be a formal letter, write something completely different.

This is what we are about.

Diversions International Short Film Festival is brought to you with a huge effort from our main partners and friends. They are City of Sveti Ivan Zelina, Sveti Ivan Zelina Tourist Board, Zagreb County, Croatian Audiovisual Centre, Croatian Film Director's Guild, Embassy of Switzerland to the Republic of Croatia. Other important friends are Zagreb Film Festival, ZagrebDox, Academy of Dramatic Art Zagreb, PITCHAdu, Rezolucija, Ministry of Subtitles.

All the best in submissions and upcoming Holiday Season,
Your Team of Diversions International Short Film Festival,

Love & Light!

Diversions Grand Prix 2020 - for best film in official selection.

Diversions Innovative Voice Award - for a film that transcends the ordinary inclination of the film medium and transforms into a fresh and diverse art form.

Pax Diversity Award - for a film that reflects the stories and voices of indigenous communities around the world, showing different perspectives on the human condition with the strong accent on protecting human rights and freedoms.

Best Director
Special Mention

Films are judged and awards are given out by international Jury of film, media, music and art professionals.

The award is a wooden artwork made by designer Monika Džakić.

Diversions Rules & Terms:

Diversions International Short Film Festival (DISFF) is a week-long event with screenings, concerts, exhibitions and masterclasses held in Sveti Ivan Zelina and Zagreb, Croatia.

DISFF is jointly organized by Public University of Sveti Ivan Zelina and Sveti Ivan Zelina Tourist Board with City of Sveti Ivan Zelina and its Mayor as Main Partner.

DISFF promotes the values of short film and cinema in general which are widely accentuated by freedom of speech, expression, and art. Its mission is to raise culture and cultural awareness in order to benefit the local community and filmmakers. DISFF aims to connect and bring people together with creating an amusing, friendly and relaxed atmosphere on all the events from screenings to industry.

7th DISFF will be held in Sveti Ivan Zelina from July 2th to July 5th 2020.

To be considered for DISFF Official Selection your film should be :

(a) a fiction, documentary, experimental or animation work
(b) no longer than 30 minutes
(c) produced between January 1st, 2019 and February 10th, 2020.
(d) submitted through Filmfreeway platform in regular or extended deadline.

There are two submission categories in DISFF's Official Selection. International Filmmakers pay a modest submission fee, while DISFF grants a free submission for Croatian productions in order to promote and support Croatian filmmakers and production conditions which are growing and developing.

On the other side, once the Selection is complete all the films are mixed up for the program and equally treated in the race for Festival Awards.

DISFF will consider a maximum of 70 films for Official Selection, selected by Diversions curators.

Main curators in Selection Committee are:
(a) Visions du Réel representative
(b) DISFF representatives,

Temporary curators are:
(a) former winners of DISFF, upon invitation
(b) other artists and individuals, upon invitation.

DISFF prefers Premieres, especially for International titles.
We will consider all the films, but those with fewer festivals on the list or those with designated premiere (World or European) will get a slight advantage.

After DISFF is closed for submission you'll get an automated Filmfreeway notice about your submission. If and only if your film is selected in the Official Selection after an automated message you will receive an email directly from the festival with all the important information for safe and secure delivery of your film package.

Never the less, you can already prepare a package with:

(a) Synopsis. Max 200 characters.
(b) Director's biography. Few sentences.
(c) Film Still. Native Ratio, 16:9. HQ, 300dpi.
(d) Crew List
(e) Complete Dialogue List with .srt file
(f) HQ film file for screening purposes (mpg4, ProRes, DCP).

This list is essential. If your film is selected and you "forget" to send some of the mentioned documents you risk being disqualified.

(g) film poster to be sent via regular post in the Festival Office.
(h) teaser or a trailer for promotional purposes, no longer than 30 seconds.

DISFF does not pay screening fees or any kind of fees associated with screening rights.
DISFF events are completely free which means that we don't operate with Box Office and our income does not come from any kind of purchase made by our visitors. This is how we began and this is how we aim to maintain our operations, indefinitely.

By submitting a film to DISFF you agree to comply with Rules & Terms, and that all DISFF decisions are final.

You also agree that your film will be archived and used for DISFF touring events and educational screenings in Croatia. We agree not to use any of your material for commercial purposes or to make any kind of financial or other profit. We also agree to inform you beforehand of any of the screenings or such events.

Good Luck, everybody!

August 5th, 2019

Overall Rating
  • a small, but wonderful festival in a beautiful enviroment. Not just film screenings, but a lot of additional program and networking possibilities and such a nice and caring festival team.

    November 2019
  • Lam Can-zhao

    I'm glad that my film War for Keyboard Warriors can be included in Diversions International Short Film Festival.

    July 2019
  • Jasna Safić

    Small but nice festival with really good personal communication. Very supportive environment.

    July 2019
  • David Mahler

    I was not able to attend the festival but the staff were very communicative and helpful, answering all my questions and keeping me updated with the progress leading up to the festival. I had a look at the line up and it seemed fantastic, I hope to attend and work again with the festival in the future.

    August 2018
  • C.J. Lazaretti

    Diversions is a true celebration of independent cinema: the screenings show a wide range of conceptual innovation in different genres and formats, and their industry program is a great way for filmmakers to network and hang out. I've been to few festivals that took as much care with hospitality, picking up participating filmmakers at the airport and sorting out accommodation. If you're looking for an event run by people who are knowledgeable and passionate about art cinema (with a beautiful location to boot), Diversions should be high up on your list.

    July 2018